Wtd. Pre amp

Just picked up a SS power amp, just to try something different for a change or maybe use at bake offs etc.
What I don’t own is a pre amp.
So looking out for something to use with it. Not too expensive please perhaps in region of a couple of hundred pounds.
Any advice on what to look out for would be good as well.


BL Audio

What do you need from it? Line or with phono or DAC? Number of inputs? Remote or manual? Active or passive (power amp input impedance)?

Is that the little battery single input pre-amp you brought to mine a few years ago?


Cracking bit of kit, perfect for the job

Bare minimum really
Two or three inputs
No DAC or phono needed
Remote not needed
I’m happy to try passive or active.
(I don’t know what it’s input impedance is)

What power amp is it Tim?

Philips Black Tulip AH 380


Have you seen this? It appears to have all the buttons and knobs. There is a matching tuner too, although that is a bit scruffy

Yeah I’ve seen a couple of the matching pre amps for sale. I’ve read a bit about the whole pre and power combo and the opinion seems to be the power amp is very good but the pre amp is not great and let’s the set up down. So my thinking was to pair it with something that will give a better chance of showing what it’s got to give.