WTD - Proper full range horn system

Soft shite is thee

I love you. I want to give you a lovely hug.


And you used to be such a miserable cunt .
God bless you

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Looking nice Jim, shame i can’t make it down, i have the sad.

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I would like to think I was not very often both at the same time. X

Looking great Jim.

Getting excited about Saturday. Now, where is that Barbershop cd ? :smiley:

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Well they look adequate :+1::grinning:.

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High CAF…


Time for some organ music

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Brill :joy:

Cat notwithstanding, there is some lovely woodwork in those bass bins. I suspect they’ll sound better than they look too!

Yeah it’s a real plus point to them, they seem well designed and really nicely made. Given just the cost of the raw materials and drivers etc, they seem a real bargain.

But have @Jim 's ears acclimatised yet? :thinking:

Remember buying these LP’s back in the day

Yes, they are put together very well. I’ve never been overly in love with the unfinished raw end-grain plywood look, but the build quality of these bass bins and the metalwork gantries is just excellent.

Yes, but only after a little dialing-in. When Kevin set them up yesterday, despite me questioning it, he insisted that the vertical array of compression horns should be pointed directly at the listening position.
After he left, I listened to a couple of CDs and sides of vinyl. I must admit, I was slightly disappointed. There was a huge improvement in the bass (over the previous speakers in this room) and the mids were lovely but the upper mid and treble were too shouty and in your face (literally)
The metal gantry on which the drivers are mounted finishes at the back with a single vertical post. This is held in three wooden hoops on the rear corners of the bass cab and acts as a hinge - the arrays can easily swing from side to side.
So, I tried towing the arrays out until they are pointing about 70 - 80cms either side of the sweet spot. This transformed the sound. Gone was the shoutyness and glare at the top. Yay!
The overall sound is now superb - colossal scale, huge soundstage and stunning separation.
I won’t go into too much detail here, I’ll let those folk coming on Saturday express their opinions.
Suffice it to say, I’m very, very pleased with the purchase :grinning:


I will bring my Westlife CD.


Is anybody bringing any kit along on Saturday?

I’m going to bring my tweaked First Watt J2 and (for my own benefit) ANUK DAC.

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