WTD - Proper full range horn system

Yes, I am in the process of getting the drivers re-foamed in the Acapellas, but after many years of being “advised” :smiley: by Pete that a full range horn system could be far better…I now have the room, yay! Besides, I’ve now had the Acapellas for nearly 10 years so a change is a good as…etc.

Could either sell the current speakers, or keep the plasma tweeters and base a multi-way system around them. Having said that though, I have to admit I’m not very techy, so the complexities of putting together such a system could well be beyond me.

An off the shelf system, such as Trios with the matching subs might be easier, but I am completely open to suggestions. For value reasons, second hand would be better. I’ve had a quick look around, but can’t find much. Any suggestions/links would be appreciated.

…and no, I’m not going to dig the floor up :joy:


Indeed,far easier to raise the ceiling


Pre-loved 4-way Goto horn system at Definitive Audio in Notts, £30k from £98k new


That looks reassuringly mental


How big did you say the room is?



They look reassuring big and mental in the flesh

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IMO, your system’s only real shortcoming is the bass - there’s plenty of it, but as far as I remember it, it lacks the ‘bounce’ and fluidity of more sensitive systems.

The Acapellas’ mid and treble are lovely, so maybe just take the bass section out of the loop and replace with some big, fuck-off bass cabinets?

Not as much fun as buying new toys mind!

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48k Euro


The Goto and the trio systems both look interesting. Could probably arrange a dem of the Goto…


Have you heard it Simon?

39.500 € RRP 100,000


If you like transient response. These have the BD5 drivers which are quite something…

—> No it’s not a Lowther and yes it does reasonable bass.


unfortunately not, it was sat in one of the large rooms but not in a way it could be heard.

GOTO is subject to 15% discount as are most things on Definitive Stuff list
That takes it down to £25,500

Then Jim can start negotiating!


But why not a deal on the Kondo Ruthy 3 loudspeakers and Kondo KSL Gakuon 211 mono amplifier. Complete change of plan/direction and beans of toast for ever.

B&W Zeppelin.

These are awesome Jim and they image like nothing else. :open_mouth::grin:

Isn’t that some sort of whizzer cone tho?

I have no real idea of the engineering. For sure though, the set-up I heard these in is up there with the very best I have heard. Incredibly dynamic, with huge scale and tone. I absolutely love what they do.

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Did you hear them at Munich?

No, same place that @Ruprecht has heard them. Geezer’s moved to Scotland now though so a bit more difficult to hear them.