Wtd REM lps

Building up my collection of vinyl rather than the Cds I bought in the 80s and 90s anyone got a few and fancy a deal?

Grabbed a copy of murmur today at a record store in stoke, wow it was packed with stock, a 1 foot path around the shop with no opportunity to crossover so lucky I was the only one in there

They had out of time for £20 but it looked a bit rough, might take a punt on it next time if I don’t manage to find anything elsewhere as the guy seemed pleasant and encouraged me to bring anything back that wasn’t up to snuff

How anyone finds what they are looking for in there is a mystery, luckily the REM were on the wall so an easy spot

Still lookin* so shout if you can help


I’ve got a spare copy of Green, can’t remember why I have more than one…

I’ll give the surplus copy a play test tomorrow and let you know if it’s decent?

Hi Rob, exciting, let me know….

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Ok, it’s a bit crackly in the quiet bits, sounds like it might clean up ok, but I only have my Knosti at the moment, my vacuum cleaner is with one of the other lads who shares it.

I’ll give it a quick Knosti clean tomorrow, and see if improves.

It’s this version:

Visually it’s VG+/VG+

It only goes for about £20 - £28, so if it cleans up ok, £20 to the forum?

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Hi rob, sounds good, let me know how it goes, I have an ultrasonic bath cleaner so if you just want to post it and I can clean that’s fine for me, happy to cover post of course


I’ll still give it a quick clean, but a good go through an ultrasonic should do the job.

I’ll cover the postage, don’t pay for it yet, if it doesn’t clean up to VG+ sound quality in your ultrasonic, just bung whatever you think is fair into the forum funding.

PM me your address and I’ll get it off to you after the Bank Holiday.

Hi rob

Address is

Mod edit: Darren you’re better sending that in a PM

Many thanks

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Thanks hi rob, many thanks for the album which arrived this week, will give it a spin this weekend and then sort the donation


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Sorry it took so long Darren.

No worries at all, assumed that moving house was a slightly higher priority :grinning:

Well, it was emptying out my mums house, but yeah pretty much.

Our house is now full of boxes of stuff that were either too good for the tip but not of interest to charity shops, or stuff that is deemed useful, but not for the foreseeable future…