WTD: Siemens E280F

Long shot however WHU Folks

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

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Would E282F work ? They don’t seem, superficially at least, to be very different, but I haven’t checked all the details (it’d be embarrassing if the 282 was the variable-mu version of the 280, say).

Ebay Is Mordor for valves Pete


Some sellers there are OK. But they usually have a reasonably well-known presence outside eBay too.

I would rather stick to the circuit Graeme … D3a is also close

Perhaps the biggest difference looks like being the mu if you’re running triode-strapped. The 282 seems to be a slightly lower-voltage, higher-current device than the 280. It’s a later valve so may have been developed for some specific application. D3a differs in the other direction (higher mu than the 280).

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It’s fine, you just have to be careful. I’ve not bought any tubes of eBay recently though. I was just amused at the stupid pricing - someone’s having it on, lol.

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Becoming increasingly a game of hunt the Dodo

There are 6 on Langrex’s stocklist, although no info there about price or brand. They also claim to have 730 D3as.

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