Wtd: Small Sub

Not the submissive midget type, more the add bass to my set-up type.

Will be in a very small room, so ultimate cone size / extension not a big issue.

Ideally downward firing, fast (my speakers are very fast) and not black ash.

A newbie to subs, so WHY? or recommendations welcomed.

I am using a couple from here, as are a few others on the forum.
Good performance, and they don’t break the bank

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Buy an SVS SB1000, you won’t regret it, its fantastic, Small Velodyne is supposed to be shit hot as well but I haven’t heard it personally. Don’t buy anything ported if you want fast. Don’t buy anything hifi branded unless you have good money to spend. At the lower price points (less than 1k) you really want to go to a company the specialises in subs and don’t go BK unless you want to listen to movies more than music. That’s my tuppence worth.


BK Gemini can be had around £150, usually loads on AVforums or through the eBay BK outlet.
I really like the Castle Classic sub, nice and cheap but don’t come up for sale that often.

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If space is tight, or having one on show is tricky, this worked well for me - also has dsp/mic/software so you can genuinely ‘lose’ it in a small room.

It manages (somehow via the dsp) to result in the sense that the bass is coming from the same location as the speakers, regardless of where you have to locate the sub. If I ever go back to standmounts I would use one, as it added quite a lot to the overall experience with my Sonus Faber Olympica, sure others will say that if it’s done right , timed with the speakers, it does more than just add low end, should make the experience closer to full range. I also tended to tweak the crossover manually to enhance the midrange on different material.

Obviously I didn’t pay this much S/H from PFM!

Happy for you to try it out to see if you can achieve what you are looking for in your room. Handily it also uses a wireless transmitter, so no cable from amp to sub.

Also in a study system had success with a BK Gemini, surprising how such a small sun transformed the sound using Audience One single driver speakers, and to my ears it kept up with them. Tuned by ear, no real science behind it and not a big deal to get it integrated.

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Thanks for the kind offer Spencer but I think that’ll be overkill for my tiny room.

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If your rooms around 2 x 3m, a Gemini is ideal. Put mine on a block of mdf on squash balls as it was an upstairs room, stopped the thud upsetting the rest of the house

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Velodyne microvee- I’ve used one in my office with satellites and they sound way bigger than their size would suggest.

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using a pair of Rel T5i’s they have integrated well with both pairs of Quad electrostatics

Be overkill for my little box room.


I have a KEF Kube 8 going spare if interested PM me

Sorted now :+1: