Wtd: Smart TV

OK, first up, some total honesty - I know fuck all about this, really, fuck all and I mean FUCK ALL. I haven’t watched TV for 20 years.

My youngest daughter informs me we urgently need a smart TV (to watch YouTube on) ? Size, as small as possible. Just need to be able to plug a Sky box into it.

Go ahead and rip me off, watcha got ?

Panasonic smart TVs are great. Mine is 39", they go down to 24.

We have a 32” LG. Works well and you can connect your phone to it for that there YouTube

Or you can buy a dumb tv and get a Roku streaking stick for £30

Excuse my ignorance, but is that all moderately modern dumb TV’s ?

I’ve got a dumb Sony 40” and a smart Youview box you can have for nowt, if you can arrange a taxi.


Any tv with hdmi can have a roku or similar stick connected if you have WiFi

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Really appreciate the offer Rob but, again, my question is, would the Roku stick enable YouTube on it ?

Also, forgot to mention that it should be able to be wall mountable.

Thanks, useful to know.

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Panasonic has Youtube and Wifi built in, so a doddle to set up with no extras needed.,

The old Panasonic You Tube app stopped working ages ago,
If it is Vierra it may not work.
However you can get You Tube on any smart stick

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Works fine on mine, which is about 1 year old.

Bloody minefield ! I’m really hoping somebody will just have an older small TV with it all on that they are happy to sell me.

Our main telly is a Panasonic one. Must be 5 years old. I use YouTube on it more or less every day.

I still use a chromecast

Pray how would that help / hinder me ?

Pretty sure YouTube is available on Roku, and if it’s an hdmi connection then it’ll work on the Sony without needing the YouView box.

It’s got the screw holes for a wall mount, but it’s old so weighs a ton compared to modern stuff which might be a consideration. Also has a big bezel so is physically big compared to a modern tv with a bigger viewing area.

OK, cheers Rob, but I’m thinking smaller rather than bigger.

I just cast Netflix, I player YouTube etc straight to the telly from my phone.
Bought a few when they were on sale.

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From a PC (?), I’m guessing ?

Yeah, I know, just trying to give it a new home rather than skipping it, because it refuses to die, in the old school Sony tradition.