WTD: Speaker Cables

Nowt fancy, but I need some speaker cables, probably 3m per side.

Will probably need some interconnectors at some point too but don’t know if they need to be RCA or XLR yet.

Buy from here, OFC copper cheap and very good, what I use.

He will make up any length and termination you want

I’d mostly been wondering if people had anything lying unused int eh back of a cupboard or similar, before I get something new.

Quite possibly, I’ll have a look in the morning

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Same here.

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Bloody hell my house is full of crap. I seem to have been turfing out stuff since New Year’s day.

I have

3m pair of very coppery cables, terminated with bananas at one end and 90 degree bananas at the other

3m pair of coppery, but less so, cables, terminated with bananas at both ends

@Mrs_Maureen_OPinion might be able to be a bit more specific than “coppery”

And a 3m pair of unspecified Chord Company cables, again bananas at both ends

Anyone else is welcome to whatever Jon doesn’t want, but must at least pay postage.


Van Damme UP-LCOFC Hi-Fi Speaker cable 2 x 6.00 mm2


Those Van Damme are excellent and it’s very difficult to find 2 x 6mm in most ‘high end’ speaker cables.

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Speaker cables now sorted thanks to @Gyroscope, and I’m now also the proud owner of a Cheeny shoebox :rofl: