Wtd : Trichord Dino Mk1

So, what ya got ! :smiley:

A sharp piece of string with a hole in it.
Any good?


Can you fit a ecc88 valve in the hole ? And the string must be 12 inches long and made of hessian, to wrap around the power supply.

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Nobody got one for sale or are they crap ?

There’s one on ebay

Yep seen it, thanks, but I don’t want the Dino + . Looking for phonostage/ suggestions at around £150 - £250 must be MM MC, with gain settings, secondhand is good, bargain basement me. :grinning:

You want the ability to change carts then? Adding flexibility (esp MM/MC) at that price will limit performance. A Michell ISO should be within budget, say, but is MC only.

Yes, cart swapping fun, I know it will be a comprimise at this price but would like to run both MM and MC for now until I make further decisions on turntable .My main source is cd at the moment.

Turntable is a Systemdek iii with a Manicore datum 2 arm.

Say what now?



I blame Spider and Oath they took me down this Devils road, it’s hell.

Open reels will be the next logical system upgrade :+1:

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Hardware is relatively cheap, the software however…

Don’t be so sure.
The Turntable rabbit hole is long, tortuous, and more expensive than you can imagine.

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All sorted now. Got myself a nice Dino with a Dino+ power supply. :+1:

Now just to get it tweaked with fairy dust at Chevron Audio by Colin and put some Burson Vivid V6 op amps in etc ect. More money !

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There’s one on wigwam, I’m not sure if was sold…but you can have a quick look