WTD TT wall shelf


After one of the old school type ones,or a turntable shelf that sits on a stand.
If someone has one to sell coming to Lopwell that would be ideal saving the faff of postage.


Hi Stu, I’ve got a two tier steel square section wall shelf, can’t use it myself (shite walls) so surplus to requirements.

I’ll dig it out tomorrow and take a few photos to post up.

I can get it to Lopwell (I’ll ask Kev) for you to check out OK.


Thanks for offer Jez,but i only have the space for a single shelf as it’s going under the telly


I’ve got a hack saw if you want to borrow it, two shelves for the price of one :grin:

Cool, hope you get sorted soon.




Haven’t you got one of mine in the loft / shed?


No,it was in your garage a while back,think you were going to use it at the office


If it’s in the garage you can use it Stu I’ve not got round to doing anything with it




In case there is still a lack of turntable support: