Wtd: Turntable isolation feet

Ideally adjustable, set of 4 preferred, although 3 also considered.

Anybody got anything half decent knocking around in their spares box ?


If you don’t get anything, this guy makes good gear.

Thanks for the link Tristan.

I’m 100% gonna regret posting this, but since I Never Fucking Learn - do you know for sure what you need?

The linked are not really “isolation feet” - neoprene has a very narrow spectrum of isolation. In all probability, if they do anything, it will be to slightly improve coupling of TT to the surface it stands on. The design kinda cancels itself out.

Improved coupling is only really a good idea if you have a TT which has some form of isolation/damping inherent in its structure.

Isolation is (to some extent) gained by using lossy, damping, “bouncy”, “springy” stuff - e.g. lumps of sorbothane, squash balls, etc.

That sort of a thing is only really a good idea if you have a TT which is rigid and non-compliant itself (e.g. most Regas) and is placed on a surface that is prone to vibration.

Even then - try it and trust your ears: not everything actually makes a technical improvement, AND even when it does - you may not like the effect. Most hifi systems are harnessing euphonic distortion in different but agreeable ways…

Rather than spunk big gouts of cash, perhaps experiment with cheap speaker spikes (most TTs have some M4 or M6 threaded holes underneath) with coins under them (protect surfaces) to improve coupling; and then some softest-grade squash balls (unless your TT is made of spent Plutonium) in plastic castor-cups to improve isolation - see what (if anything) improves the sound. If things are successful, then you can get spendy on hifi jewellery if you must.

Now I’m off to shower, I feel contaminated just talking about this…

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Appreciate you sullying yourself to offer the advice Paul. The feet are for a 401 mounted in a heavy mult-layer wood plinth.

The plinth comes supplied with large Sorbothane semi-spheres, so sounds like they are supplied for a reason and it would be best to stick with them.

I did this with the systemdek
Put threaded inserts in, then spikes
Sadly the deck turned into jayne Torvill so put the rubber feet back


No harm in experimenting, but prolly right :+1:

He does better ones with ball bearings which I suspect will decouple -

They really won’t!


Is the contact point not reduced dramatically?

More concentrated I think.

I’ve got 2 sets of his cera discs. They improve the sound of my dac and my transport.

Think about someone wearing stiletto heels compared with trainers. The same amount of mass is being transferred via a vastly more concentrated contact point.


I tried a bunch of stuff under my birch ply plinth and consistently preferred a Mag Lev option. Mine are stupid and haven’t tried these but imagine they should do the same job, various options along these lines available.

Thanks, they could be a sensible option

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If somebody could kill me and free me from my own and other’s stupidity, that would be nice.


Loving this thread



You need some anti 5g mesh in whatever you get.
Firstly, you don’t want your kit getting C19, and secondly you don’t want The Man knowing what you are playing!

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