Wtd: Two 10-ohm 1W resistors

To fix an old onkyo surround sound amp I need

Two 10-ohm 1W resistors;

To avoid having to buy a bucket load to get them has any of you diy types got any you could post to me?


If that fails RS these days has free shipping even on small orders.


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I just looked at cpc and the handing was 3.50. Seemed silly for two 5p items.

Edit: that link works. Just have to order 25 of them :triumph:

I can post a couple of these if any good. They aren’t that big.


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The original part is 10ohm 1/4 watt, and they were rated too low and failed.
Recommended to replace with 1w. Not sure if 3w mIght cause any issues?!

Thanks for the offer but I have got to ÂŁ6.50 at RS for just the resistors, and just under a tenner at cpc if I also tag in some filament bulbs for the SH10e power supply pilot light (SP10).

So I may as well add the lot. Snail mail though, not next day like RS so not all good!

Sorted… the filament bulbs made the order make more sense, though I’ve got spares now!

Only down side to higher wattage is size, if they fit it’s all good.

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Ordered now. I was going to have to order 25 from RS which just seemed a waste.
I’ve got ten and some bulbs now, so all good. Soon have my little power light glowing orange again, and the Onkyo front panel display will work again!

@crimsondonkey does your pilot light work? Anyone else having that issue should ask as I (will) have 3 spares to swap out.

Power ratings can be a bit misleading these days. Back in The Good Old Days a 1W resistor would survive indefinitely dissipating 1W as long as it was surrounded by air which was free to move. These days the safe dissipation limit is often given subject to the condition that you can keep the surroundings (pretty much equal to the resistor’s surface) below a certain temp, often 70C. Sometimes the only way to do this is to clamp the resistor to a metal heatsink or to immerse it in coolant.

If your problem repeats itself then since you bought ten resistors you’ll still have eight of them left. If you solder them up in two series/parallel combinations of four resistors each then you’ll still have 10 ohms but now you’ll have four times the heat-handling capability.


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