WTD - USB to SPDIF converter and 2m SPDIF coaxial cable. Hiface 2 or similar

Hi All,

I am need of a USB to SPDIF converter to connect DAC to Mac. M2Tech Hiface 2 would be the preference.
Also a 2m SPDIF cable, and 2 sets of RCA interconnects if anyone has anything going.


I might have a hi face2 somewhere.

If you can’t find one, these are okay.
Douk Audio U2 USB to Coaxial Optical Converter XMOS XU208 Digital Interface DSD | eBay

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if you want it - pop a few quid in the forum kitty and PM me your address


Very generous. Well done. :+1:

bloody hell, that is generous, about time I stumped up a few pounds. I’ll PM you now thank you very much.