Wtd. Various Valves

Ey up

Getting a very slight rushing sound in left channel. I suspect a noisy valve.
I don’t think it is one of the 211’s as they were new last year.
I’m thinking it’s likely to be one of the smaller signal valves.
It takes 2x ecc83’s 3x ecc81’s and a single 5687.

Anyone got anything to help?


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Have you tried swapping valves around ? It might help to narrow your need down a bit.


Good thinking, I’ll try that. It is only a very low rushing sound, but I figure I should attend to it as soon as possible.

Hi Tim, I need to pop up your way sometime soon to pick my Dac up, as you know I have a few valves, so I could bring a few up for ya on the day to try, probably Mullards or Brimars.

Sunday Monday’s are always good for me, so let me know when convenient mate.

I could probably do a basic valve test on them as well. Can’t test the 211 valves though.

Try tapping them with your finger nail to identify the problem one/ ones or wiggle them when switched on or take them out and reseat them, obviously when switched off. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you the scrap metal price for it.

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Sorted and working fine Tim, I was just reading it wrong, and not using it for a few years didn’t help, What a knob I am !
Just tested this Brimar 12AU7 and everything seems fine with it , had a quick check inside to be sure and all was fine inside as well, bloody old age is creeping in I think. :smiley:

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Glad it’s working again.
New valves are sounding lovely, thanks for your help.

What were we doing wrong?

Just reading and sliding the wrong selector switches on the bottom 12 row.It is really quite easy, I’m going to type up my own procedure, so I’ll remember better next time.

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