Xbox advice

I’m about to buy a large TV (maybe 65"), and an Xbox for it. Said Xbox will do games; it might also do TV stuff (iPlayer, YouTube etc) and Plex for movies etc. These things might alternatively be done via a small form computer, not decided yet.

Anyway, given the screen size to what extent is it worth getting the Xbox X over the S? I have no games so will be subscribing to game pass anyway. So:

Is game pass actually a bit annoying in that games you like end up disappearing?

Is the X worth it as you can pick up old games for buttons, or are they actually still quite expensive and not as good as the range you can get on game pass?

Is the X worth it for the better graphics quality?

Is it better to just buy an S now as the X might be months before it’s in stock again?

Is there anything I’ve missed?

I’d get an X for a big 4k tv.

I love game pass.

Other than games and discs, most modern TVs have all the streaming apps built in, so i’d say the first question is do you need a disc player (and which format DVD, BD or UHD?) then decide on games. I was debating replacing my BD player, CD transport and Roku with an xbox or PS, but they are big, can be noisy, and are power hungry if you aren’t going to play games

You could also sling on a roku/chromecast/firstick for £50 for the odd app the TV might not do (NowTV in my case)

(you may have noticed the complete lack of useful info about WHICH Xbox to buy… :smiley: )

No discs, that’s for sure!

i knew you’d say that!

I’m not sure I am sold on the idea of waiting a few months to spend an extra £200 or whatever. Although buying now with regret later is also annoying…

I don’t use discs. We have 2 xboxes and use game/live sharing which you cant do with discs.

If it was a 1080p tv I’d say just get the s.