YAMAHA MT8X MTR Multitrack Cassette Tape Recorder

We’ve just had this donated to the wildlife charity I help out at. eBay prices I can see are based only on Japanese sales so I have no idea what it is really worth.

Any offers on here before I stick it on eBay? Full manual but no package.

It looks to be brand / almost new. I’ve run my finger over the heads and no wear.

Any advice appreciated.


I used to have a Tascam 424 Portastudio back in the day, happy memories.
This looks similar, so might be a good search for prices.

Edit: Search for 424 mk2 or 3, they are quite visually similar.

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According to this,between £2-400
No idea how accurate it is though

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Thanks, that was very useful.

After a bit of banter, it’s on it’s way to Lopwell via Wayne @crimsondonkey to Dave @malbec with help from Stu @MonitorGold10.

Generous donation to the CUAN Charity, thanks all.