Yay ! It's about time!

Did you hear a rumour?

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I don’t understand this question :unamused:

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Keren Woodward… hubba hubba - my teenage crush. :heart_eyes:

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I guess the money has run out.

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That really is saying something

Ah yes…a BIG influence and attrraction back then…
Great to see them back :smile:

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OK try this: what did their manager say to them when begging them to reform?

Sadly I can’t go

Nope. Still not getting it :neutral_face:

If these are music related jokes which have some connection with popular artistes, then I shall plead my ignorance. Which is a good thing.

Oh, and if somebody mentions Robert De Niro, I shall probably regurgitate my breakfast :weary:

Can’t understand him, speaking Italian.


Which is a shame because he was really saying something.




Perhaps it’s time to say “Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye” to this thread :smirk:

Claim to fame time. They used share house very close to where I lived in Kentish Town and frequented the same off licence. In face they were known to be the off licences best customers. Also this was vey close to the house Boy George used to get his drugs when he first fell of the rails. For those who know the area Malden Road.