Yet another "recommend me a laptop" request!

I need to buy a laptop for the Museum, they don’t want an Apple, so (Windows 10) PC it is.

Budget is pretty firm at ~£500. It must be new with manufacturers warranty. Screen size isn’t important anything at, or over 13" will be fine. 500gb SSD will be plenty.

What it will be used for:

Email (regularly)
Access to the web (regularly)
Copying video from the security cameras (very occasional)
Uploading and printing photographs (occasionally)
Completing forms for wages/hours worked by the employees (monthly)

So, not much really, a fairly basic spec should suffice.

Recommendations please.

I generally recommend Lenovo and they do seem to make stuff that fits the bill except for a 500gb SSD which pushes the price over. Would they be OK with a normal HDD? If they are, the IdeaPad stuff looks like it would fit the bill.

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This Thinkpad is around budget, might be ok?

Thinkbook 15 G2 ITL | 20VECTO1WWENGB0 | Lenovo GB!

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Looks fine, although they’ll need Office in some form as that isn’t shipping with it and you need to see how much tat they accrue in saved files to check 128gb is enough. I’d probably take doubling the RAM for a tenner though, even if I paid it myself!

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For £550 I can get a 500gb SSD and 8gb memory with that machine. I’ll put that forward.

I have two Lenovo laptops, one personal and one provided by work. Can’t go wrong with them for the money.

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Lenovo IdeaPad might offer better value - love my i5 never missed a beat in nearly 2 years

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