Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch

Cockpunch (or a firm battering with the stalest possible sourdourgh cob) to these two bigots:

The rest of the nomination is here.

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On it the bits for milk, cheese and the like for not liking me anymore it seems… :frowning:

Unfortunately they haven’t had to pay any costs

Sadly, it appears that there is an endless supply of bigots with deep pockets, and not just near Belfast. Ireland abounds with the feckers…:rage:

Doesn’t Toblerone have a lot of milk in it Rob?

Yes this could spell the end Rob :frowning:.

It’s just a theory at the moment, but having avoided milk, butter and cheese for the past few days and feeling a hell of a lot better, there maybe something in it…

Lactose intolerant? I wonder?

You truly have my sympathy if that’s what it turns out to be. I couldn’t imagine doing without cheese and other milk based stuff.

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Microsoft Windows 10, FFS Microsoft what the fuck were you thinking of? So full of bugs it’s not true.

This cracked tooth, I sat up staring a pliers last night wanting to tear the little recidivist out. If I were brave I’d tear the lot out but I am an accredited coward and whimper as I type…

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The jobsworth in my preferred glass-cutting place needs a sharp blow to the groin. I have accidentally bust one of the six small panes in my 1970s (?) back door, using a wheelie bin (don’t ask). So I need about a square foot of glass to replace it. I want stuff that’s a bit out of the ordinary - fluted, with the flutes ‘dished in’ and flute size about 12mm peak-to-peak. The place I contacted does keep an unusually big range of glass in stock and it seems they might have something close enough. So far so good. “What’s it for ?” he asks. “My back door” I say. “Ah, it’ll need to go away to be toughened - that’ll be three or four days” he jokes. Except he’s not joking.

A few nanoseconds thought would have revealed:

  1. There are still five other non-toughened panes in the same door. So toughening one of them is not going to make the situation significantly better.

  2. We’ve lived with this door for 25+ years without incident, and the previous residents lived with it too, and they had five kids. So there’s a good deal of firm evidence that it’s not exactly a death trap.

  3. No-one died even when it finally did break. In fact no-one was hurt at all (unless you count the psychological trauma of one person being somewhat pissed-off). Not even when it came to digging out all the old putty and glass shards.

  4. Not being able to get a replacement piece of glass today means I will have to cut (yes, cut, using a sharp thing !) a bit of board to fill the hole and then fix it in place using something else (maybe a hammer and nails). This exercise will almost certainly be much more dangerous than living with six rather than five bits of untoughened glass would have been.

There was someone on the radio the other morning saying that we don’t need to teach advanced abstract maths to most kids. Instead what we need to do is to equip them to use simple maths to make reasoned real-world judgements. They might usefully start with the bloke in the glass-cutting place.


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Stop mincing about like a total Wendy and get yourself to a dentist before you need a root canal treatment. :mask:

Door handle, bit of string, and let the magic happen.

Go up to somebody and punch them in the face and then stand there, hopefully they punch the right tooth out.

A kick in the baws seems insufficient for the fucking total numpty that stabbed me in the coupon with a bamboo stick appended to an Irish flag while I was quietly relieving myself at a urinal at Hampden Park yesterday.

We’ll have to call you freefromrob… anyway, atb with it


Massive one to the ebay cunt who kept delaying and fucking me about for 8 days whilst promising to pay. He finally paid at 06:30 this morning and I get home to an ebay message asking why it hasn’t been shipped yet.

CP to all the cunts who have decided to change their names after the YTS bloke decided to upgrade without doing a backup first.

Oh yeah and what the fuck is this load of old cock dribble

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Looks like god-tier trolling to me.

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Nice usernames, lads.

I’ve no idea who’s who, so I’ll be treating you like the fucking imbeciles that you are. Enjoy :wink:


Why in the name of fuckity-fuck would a bunch of new usernames prompt you to carry on as per-fucking-usual you galloping numpty??