Yo Ho! Ho! and a Bottle of Rum

I like a dark rum. Specifically Navy rum.

I have worked my way through the likes of Lambs, Captain Morgan, Woods and a few other random versions.

The best I’ve found is Pussers Gunpowder Proof. Apparently this is the closest thing to the RN issue, other than some horrendously expensive “Final Tot” stuff. I have to admit I have never had any real RN issue rum, so I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Woods smells absolutely gorgeous, caramelicious (probably not a real word) and smooth, but tastes really harsh, whereas the Pussers has a similar aroma, but despite being a bit stronger, is dangerously smooth and warm. I love it.

Any other recommendations?

A mate would say Kraken.
I would say Stroh 80.

The only bottle we have is

From Saint Vincent. Surprisingly smooth despite its strength

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Just bought some of that for enjoying over Christmas.

Austrian rum, now that is something I would not have thought was a thing, despite my ancestry. Will have to give that a try, just because.

Kraken is meh.

A friend who likes his dark rums also recommends Kraken.

I have found that I don’t like dark rum or white rum. I do however like Cockspur, a golden rum. I find it very smooth and palatable.

I agree. But Stroh is the duck’s :ribbon:

Only fit for Xmas puddings.
My job every Xmas, as a nipper, was to pour the Lambs into the white sauce.
The brandy was for medicine.
I loved the job and always went a bit giddy with the amount. Much to my great grandmother’s approval.



I do like pussers but the best value one I’ve tried is Havana club 7

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Pussers and Havana 7’s are alright, not bad suggestions I’d agree.
Cockspur perfect for mixing, if that’s what you like.
Kraken absolutely gargh imo.
Every Christmas since I came back to live in London, I’ve made a ritual of journeying in to Gerry’s on Old Compton St. My favourite bottle shop.
Usually I buy a couple of random gold/dark rums, just to try different.
This year’s treat though is this.
Neat, maybe a drop of water.
Can’t wait.

I guess I should add that I prefer a gold to darker spiced rums.


This is good:

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Yes-very nice!

This too:


I remember that a mate of mine had a bottle of Stroh that used to appear when all other booze and drugs had gone. I don’t have good memories, it was horrible. Maybe it was his way of saying I wanna go bed now, fuck off!

I remember going to Mount Gay back in the late eighties.


It’s not subtle and an acquired taste. It, to me, is rich enough to sip but needs a melted ice cube or it can strip the skin from your throat. I love the chocolate notes and to say it’s warming is quite the understatement.
It makes a great Austrian Coffee too :egg: