Your 2022 bucket list

Provided mutant strains of COVID-19 fuck off and allow us to resume normal travel I’m planning to celebrate my 60th by riding the Nordschleife for couple of days.
I’m also hopeful a couple of days at my favourite circuit Assen will also on the cards.


Get my fecking listening room built !! :pleading_face:


Complete a Marathon and keep fit all year.
Sort a newer car.
Fit a wooden floor upstairs (One bedroom and landing)


Planning on some brutal metal

and brutal concrete

in Berlin in May. The way things are I don’t hold out much hope.

It’s also our 30th shacking up anniversary at the beginning of May so it would be nice to mark it somehow.

Might also visit the wife’s cousin in Luxembourg.

None of it is really bucket list stuff.

What will actually happen will be that health / illness problems somewhere in the family will crap on everything :+1:

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A week in Northern Ireland for the NW200 in May and do the NC500 later in the year….Covid permitting.


The only thing I’m really aiming for is getting my cycling fitness back to decent level.

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Was going to say from my wife but frankly at this stage from anyone will do.


Lose weight. Lots of weight. Covid and the various lockdowns have not been kind to me


that would be good

Same as this year really;

  • Don’t die.
  • Keep roof over head.

I have fancy schmancy aspirations beyond this but those two are the biggies.


This and get fitter.

It’s amazing how far we’ve fallen down Maslow’s needs

They’re called snickers now

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Make my 60th

Maybe get to a gig, quite fancy abc lexicon of love at the Albert Hall in the summer


You’re supposed to add years mate, not deduct them


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  1. Not die (again)
  2. Get to Straya
  3. Go on holiday (not the same as #2)
  4. Survive the next stage of Brexit to achieve 1.2.3.
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Run more
Drink less

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Not die is a popular option for me, too. I really would like to stop feeling so fucking tired and shit…

I haven’t got the energy to consider anything more interesting.


Hel and I haven’t had a week away for as long I think we’ve had Saffron, so about 2 1/2 years, so we’d both like to survive the pandemic and get a chance to go somewhere - Hel keeps mentioning Faroe Islands.

Otherwise dull domestic stuff like getting a new kitchen, revamping the entrance hall and stairs, landscaping the front garden.

Oh and dig out the basement!