Your Album of the Year


Anyone who looks / sounds good at Wembley Arena has to be talented - hateful venue imo.


giving this a listen on Tidal, two tracks in and impressed. Thanks for the heads up.
Oooh,backing vocals from Haim just kicked in, nice surprise!
Very Prince, means a big thumbs up from me.


No stand out album, but the top half dozen in no particular order would be:

Actors – It Will Come To You
debut album from Vancouver band, polished post-punk

Egoprisme – Among Noise
imagine you’re in a smoke filled goth club in Paris at 2am on a Sunday morning

Soft Moon – Criminal
NIN-ish with bits of noise

SRSQ – Unreality

VNV Nation – Noire
their best for at least a decade, dark existential electropop

Radioaktivists – Radioakt One
a sort of electro supergroup with members of Seabound, Haujobb, and Rotersand; vocals by Frank Spinath, so if you like Seabound / Edge of Dawn, this is worth a listen