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This might well be one of the best performances of a song I’ve ever seen


Here is another great live version

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I have had this song on on a digital playlist for well over 10 years.
I don’t play it very often because it is harrowing
I knew it was a true story and there had been a book and stuff but I only knew what Eliza Gilkyson had said about it when she introduced the song at a gig, Yvonne Johnson served 17 years and co-wrote a
book about her experience, before she got parole. Luckily (for her) she was in prison in Canada and was able to get a review rather than if this had happened in the US.
I came across the song on YouTube with these images where it had been used in a campaign.

Talking of pj Harvey

This was a weird weekend,Brexit result announced on the Friday,went upto cranage to help out at the show with guy,listened to this Glastonbury performance on the radio on the drive home.
Was going to see her the following day at Eden project,but stayed home to watch England lose to Iceland.

Amazing what a single.peeformance on the Grammy’s can do.

Woken up at 3am and struggling to get backe to sleep,my head did the usual talk utter rubbish as I tried to get back to sleep.
For some reason Lou reed popped into my head,which reminded of the perfect day performance on jools Holland with Anthony and the Johnson’s as backing singer.
I wondered what had happened to him since his hit 20 years ago.

Luckily this morning I remembered that 3am question.

Moral of the story. Don’t be my head

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