YouTube Subscriptions Help?

Seems I have 2 subscriptions to YouTube services on two different email accounts. One is a long standing YouTube Music account that I’ve been using for ages & don’t really want to loose (convenience, used to the interface, loads of music stored/big library, happy with the sq for the uses it gets), and one is a relatively new YouTube Premium account (ad free youtube videos) that I set up on a newer and more regularly used email addy. I’ve been paying both subs until the financial squeeze took ahad whan I paused them both.
I now realise that the newer premium account includes the Music subscription that I’ve been paying for seperately for the last year! :person_facepalming:
Ideal is restarting the newer Premium account and transferring/merging the library from the older account, but despite searching all the possibilities on the online community “help” sections I’m still buggered if I can work out how to do this, or even if it’s possible?
I can’t find a contact number to call the biggest global technoweb for help, so I’m asking here?


It looks like you can’t merge two youtube accounts. See here

Of course there may be other workarounds.

Can you not upgrade the music account to premium to retain all of your music then change the email address on it to the newer one?

Does soundiiz work for YouTube music? It’s a system for transferring things from one service to another. It should then work from YouTube to YouTube.

Answer: yes for playlists but not for albums.