2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


But it kinda loses impact with this software :rolling_eyes:


Lance Stroll getting a bit of extra practice in…


Looks like a rainy forecast for this weekend in Shanghai.
Could be fun… :+1:


I just hope the chopper can take off at some point…




They’d be better making the car from Lego, than all this 3D printing business…

At least we all know that Lego works!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A good bit of McLaren spin to try and deflect things away from the fact that the powerplant is still not where it needs to be and they haven’t produced a good chassis either, despite them saying that they would be winning with a Merc powerplant on the the back.

I can see that one day 3D printing aero parts at the track will be beneficial. This approach could be used to allow teams to bring fewer aero parts to the track but they already have the tools and processes to ensure that out of the parts that they have, they can take the right parts, so the benefit would have to be in terms of reduced transportation costs.

Currently they have enough adjustability in the race car to chase the track (change set-up to keep the driver happy) during the race weekend, without adding another layer of confusion with making new aero parts.




WOW, didn’t see that one coming!


I want to say that I had posted this earlier but…:flushed:


Might give him a chance of winning a race this season, though as he says:

“I’ve never raced an IndyCar car before, and neither have I ever driven on a super-speedway, but I’m confident I’ll get to grips with it fast.
I’ve watched a lot of IndyCar action on TV and online, and it’s clear that great precision is required to race in close proximity with other cars on the far side of 220mph [354km/h].”


So will Button drive for one race only at Monaco? Whoever gets the job has a baptism of fire.


The orange livery finally makes sense


Now official…


McLaren have just sent me an email, asking if I’d like to join them for a jaunt in Western Canada this September…

God knows why, but I’m seriously considering it… lol… :sunglasses:


Wonder if my cousin is going,I’m waiting for the Vauxhall one,will probably just be round slough though


Nah… Luton airport…


Well done Bottas


Shame Citroën not in contest.


Shame it didn’t work out for him on points day :frowning: