2017 Formula 1 - The next generation




Strange goings on this last week.

First, Zak Brown and Boullier start talking nice over the weekend about Honda progress (amid other rumours of an Alfa-badged Ferrari deal) then AMS reports that Sauber won’t after all be taking the Honda motor. Can’t be a coincidence, obviously

It could mean Honda are leaving with a kiss and cuddle clause, but it probably (IMHO) means they’ve finally taken on some outside help that McL are happy with, which is more palatable than a Ferrari customer deal.

Quite why Honda wouldn’t want to have a second team is beyond me, but there’s no obvious team in need of a motor other than Sauber


My understanding was that the Honda deal was what the non-racing person fell out with Kalternborn over. Knowing what will be a good future choice is always difficult. We shall see.


I went to the premier of the new Williams film yesterday evening. Yours truly is quoted fairly often, probably because I am not very diplomatic.
It is based on Ginni Williams book and is well worth seeing IMHO - 2 hours long but seemed much shorter.


Cheers Frank.

I’ll have to wait til it’s on iTunes but I’m looking very much forward to seeing it.


Ah excellent,Donna and I want to see it,looks good from the previews and did wonder if you would play a part somehow :slight_smile:


LOL…wrong thread, sorry guys. Left the tab open in this thread last night when I wuz discussing Frank’s contributions to this thread & this new Williams GP film with my mate Chris, who is an avid F1 fan.




Well, I’m chuffed to bits with the result.
I’m not a Hamilton fanboi, but he did what was necessary, showed dominance, and earned his win. Arguably he was unchallenged, but he put himself in a position where a challenge wasn’t going to happen.
A good win, and it equals another record.


Apparently Pirelli were unable to perform an analysis of Vettel’s tire failure as there simply wasn’t enough tire left to analyse!



I went to the Silverstone event from Thursday morning till Sunday evening. That was my first F1 race for many years as my job is done at the factory, and there many people at Sauber better at optimizing a car set-up than I am.

It was certainly an interesting 4 days. I was able to sleep at home and have a short drive into the circuit, with the traffic only really delaying things at the main entrance where the security people were checking passes in great detail.

Went for the circuit walk with Marcus Ericsson and his engineering team until we had to abort the lap because of a support race that we were not aware of and does not happen at any other circuit at this time.

Went to watch the cars in FP3 around club (Turns 15 and 16) which was very interesting as it is a big braking event, followed by a 3 apex corner that you need to get out of as quickly as possible.

Went back there in Qualifying but it started to rain and pretty much everyone was on the wrong tyres and so came in to the pits in front of me. Then it got exciting and so went to watch a timing screen so I could see what was happening. We nearly got through to Q2, but needed to come in and put a new set of tires on to have done that.

Watched the race mainly from our pit garage, but as my team had created some of the software used to help with race strategy I went to use it and see how it coped with all the data sources and how stable it was.

In the end it was disappointing for Pascal, but Marcus was on a better strategy and drove a good race to finish 14th.

Now back at the factory looking to make next year’s car have much improved performance.

And no, I have no idea about the powerplant situation!


The FIA has pushed through the introduction of the halo cockpit protection on safety grounds. It will be introduced in 2018.


I understand, but yuk.


The tricky second album.




Now I see why the halo looked familiar.


I think flipflops might even edge the halo in the looks department…


I think they look exactly alike!
There have been many occasions in the past where big rule changes have made the cars look a lot different, which always seems ugly at first.
The worst two, for me, were the making the overall width much narrower and the driver’s head protection - which was so blatant and different it looked much worse to me than than the halo does now.


I’m sure it’s something we’ll all get used to pretty quickly, but it just seems a bit “clunky” and poorly thought out. It’s almost like there was somebody with an agenda driving the decision :thinking:.
But this is F1, a sport with the brightest minds and best technology, so that’s not possible. Surely :rolling_eyes: