American road trip car choice


Look, it’s parked right next to petrol!


Do you like big or small wheels?

or maybe a slam down?


I had a lot of fun tooling about in my brother’s ex police car when he was living in LA. A big old lump in the front & a lot of power at the rear wheels. Had it sideways a few times when the roads were damp.





Indeed, they’d have to invade the whole middle east.


Drove around Santa Monica and across the States in this. Cool car.


SiL and the Barber did Seattle to LA in a Dodge Challenger rented from Alamo last summer


It’s a road trip in Merca, right ?


That reminds me of…

Doesn’t have to be a car


Nevada because no septic road trip is complete without taking in vegas and its ridiculousness and Texas cos I used to live there. Might do LA to Orlando as this would be a better route for the spots we’d like to hit with friends in some intervening states.
I’m loving some of the suggestions but they all seem to be big old tank roadwhales unless there are specialist rental agencies that rent this type of car im thinking I’m out of luck.


Well I used to drive cars across the States using agencies that provided transport service because Yanks were to lazy. I did the Fort Lauderdale - San Fran trip in an Olds.





Damn! Beat me too it! :smile:




Toyota pick up. Must have black flags & machine gun.
Would be well received in most of the Southern states.


How about a Volvo?


He’d have to dash!