Armchair politics


Have been watching it on twitter at #CatalanReferendum unreal


The clip of people being thrown down stairs, just really what the fuck.


Easy to forget, but Spain has only been a democracy since 1978.


I gather it’s why they are one of the few European countries that doesn’t have a resurgent nationalist right wing group. Many people there can still remember the last one.


The Catalans have their own language, culture,and are geographically on the edge of the country and have always had an independence debate going.

A bit like Wales except with far more money and a much better football team.


Potential for an explosion (sorry!) in support for a Catalan version of ETA.




First class toffcunt

And I’d like to know to know where he got 5 million quid. Coz he didn’t fucking work for it :rage:


He doesn’t have any money invested in those pills, he dosn’t even run the investments any more.

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Wot? An internet meme that’s a load of bullshit? I’m shocked.


There’s plenty of stuff to call him a cunt over so don’t see the need to make shit up.


I haven’t looked into that hard but the missus just said she’s seen his response to it and it wasn’t that he doesn’t own the shares. I admit to not being that discerning when it comes to tory eejits.


What is the support in Catalan for independence, is it overwhelming at eighty percent or something? Maybe What we are seeing is a lot of Leave voters protesting, the Remain voters may well just ignore this referendum if the Spanish government has called it illegal. It’s a fucking shambles and the nationalists are making the most of it.


I jut caught the latest on the news. I don’t understand why the central govt is trying to stop people voting. Surely it would be easier to let the vote go ahead and just ignore the result? Or am I missing something?


Scotland can’t call an independence vote without Westminster approval, I imagine the same applies in Spain.


Their police were brought up under fascism, and still believe in it.

Beating up the elderly and disabled is part of the brief, much like Britain.


Exactly. So rather than loads of violence let them get on with it and then ignore it.


Then the violence would truly start, the remain voters would cry foul and the State would have to intervene.


Surely An examples of a fully inclusive bit if policing, beatings for all.