Armchair politics




He’s not bear. He’s still got his trunks on.



PM given her P45 by prankster during conference speech. Strangely after that interruption she began to lose her voice and to choke on her words.




Ed Milliband’s getting to see what it would have been like to be PM without having to do it. Great times.


Even the background sign told Theresa to F off…


Oof. Taxi!


Made me larf, I imagine her security detail are having a bad day at the de-breif.


Edit: as someone on PFM just said: ISIS have now claimed responsibility for May’s speech. :joy:


I genuinely couldn’t watch it, when she fell apart. Christ knows how uncomfortable it must have been in the conference hall. Car crash doesn’t begin to describe it.

“Events, dear boy, events.”


I thought they’d sacked Nick Timothy & Fiona Hill or were they contracted to do this conference as well as running the election campaign? Perhaps some kind of BOGOF deal.

What European observers must make of this clusterfuck is anyone’s guess. I suppose having had first hand dealings with our Brexit team it probably hasn’t been much of a surprise to them.



Looks like they couldn’t afford Powerpoint and did everything in WordPad.



She looks like Robert Smith :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Worth hearing Eddie Mair’s (post speech) interview with Amber Rudd (from 20:45) and particularly the section about Boris Johnson. Oof!


Countries fighting for independence in Europe.


You can cross Shetland off that list. It’s one lunatic ‘fighting’ for it with about 60 followers.


The last time I was in Sicily, admittedly a long time ago, suggesting that it wasn’t functioning pretty much independently of any control from Rome might well have resulted in you being taken somewhere remote and unfriendly and having the truth tattooed on a sensitive part of your anatomy.





Couldn’t stop until I’d kicked the twat to death. Waste of carbon.