Beautiful Things


Was recently being advertised at £4.75M.

I drive past it a few times a week. Always makes me want to buy a lottery ticket.




It costs about £90,000!


Me and the wife will have one each then :grinning:


The wife and I.


He means him and his wife, not you.


Not necessarily


Pedantic fucks.


Is that like tantric ?



Surprisingly similar


Thread turns ugly


North pole of Saturn showing an almost perfect hexagon.


It’s an amazing phenomenon and nobody has a clue why it’s like that


There was an American gentleman trying to explain it on Radio 4 this afternoon. They have a theory that generates the hexagonal pattern in simulations. It had something to do with longitudinal forces and latitudinal flows in a mixed gaseous and liquid atmosphere, but I missed a lot of it due to people getting in and out of the car and general other reasons, including my lack of training in physics.


Cheers Olan - that will be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy over my head :joy:


My theory is (bear with me, I haven’t published it yet, so don’t tell anyone)

Saturn is just a giant kaleidoscope which is operated by turning the rings. Once we can send a spaceship powerful enough to do this, the hexagon will change into a myriad of shapes, colour and excitement.

I look forward to the day that this theory is proven. My Nobel prize will be a foregone conclusion.


I was really struggling with the entire programme myself. The bloke with the explanation was in charge of some infra-red machine, so they were observing the hexagon in the dark using his machine during the winter when there is no light from the sun. It was an astonishingly humbling show, the talents of the scientists involved was jaw dropping. Some people have been working on it for more than 20 years if you take the development phase into account. Their sheer joy in the pursuit of knowledge for it’s own sake was evident in the show.

It was a magnificent precis of the entire mission to Saturn, the kind of thing you only ever run into on Radio 4.


Will seek it out on iPlayer.


It was pointed out on The Sky At Night that the mission was developed when the ZX80 was a credible home computer…

There’s some frankly astonishing science been done in its duration, not to mention some beautiful images.