Beautiful Things


Taken in West Papua


Wilsons Bird of Paradise

Rain forests, I love 'em


A couple more from the same trip

Magnificent Bird of Paradise

and, the locals who looked after us at one of the jungle camps, saying goodbye to Lou. Truly beautiful people


Fantastic :grinning: The Wilson’s Bird of Paradise looks like something from a video game.


Yeah, two hours sitting silent and motionless and in the dark - pre-dawn - waiting for it to show at its display site.

Worth it though :+1:


Finally, how to build a proper house

For the whole family…


Humpbacks, Southern Ocean - 2006


A couple more


Fantastic that you got so close Paul. I’ve only ever seen them at a distance from the Cape of Good Hope.


From our ship. (stock photo)


Is that a survey vessel? Sorry, I’ve forgotten what you do/did for a living, are you a sciencey thingy?


Haha, no. It was a birding trip to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica. Purely pleasure!

IIRC the ship is an ex USSR survey ship, built in Finland and later bought to serve as a small scale cruise ship in the Southern Ocean. Quark Expeditions chartered the ship for the trip.

Very informal and no frills. Fantastic though!


I see they still run the same trip



Riva Aquarama Lamborghini…

With twin Lambo V12s…


Just seen this set Paul.

What a totally amazing, once in a lifetime trip. Love it !


I saw one in Montenegro last year, a thing of true beauty.


I don’t normally get excited by boats but this one gives me a proper hard-on. Waterborne Viagra :+1:


I saw one pootling round Benalmedina marina one year with a chap my kind of age at the helm. As for the two lovely bikini clad young ladies on the foredeck, I can only assume they were his daughters.


Yes. Very likely :+1:


Amazing poster for the 1967 Baltic States Friendship Tour by Waldemar Świerzy.