Cambridgeshire bakeoff


As the Adele concert was announced cancelled this morning, I could have made it. :cry:


You still have time, Mark.


A win for music lovers everywhere…


I’ll mention that to my daughter. Prepare to be skinned.


Ah, you were taking one for the team. As for being abused by daughters about music, I have three of my own thanks very much. A bit of variety might be a relief to be honest.


She’ll be made up about going to a bake off to watch middle aged men eat themselves to death in front of a stereo though?




Have a goodie everybody. But watch out for Bill Oddie as he’s a bit hairy !


Big thanks to Gregg and wife for hosting a lovely bakeoff and BBQ. Great food and chat with everyone in the garden. Didn’t listen to any music but that didn’t matter.

Also big thank you to Jim and Pete for the lift, much appreciated.


Thanks for hosting a great bake off Gregg.


Shit photos, to be fair


The only one I took in the short 30 mins I was in the music room.


Never mind that, what about the food?


Thanks to Gregg for a wonderful bakeoff. Lots of lovely food, plenty of refreshments, the usual high standard of conversation and a brilliant room containing a lot of extremely good HiFi.


Many thanks to Greg and his wife for hosting a fantastic day. Great food and banter oh and the hifi was none too shabby either.


Too busy eating it. You don’t get a fine honed physique like mine taking a pause to take photos of food.




Thanks guys.
A great afternoon.We covered most subjects, and I suggest the powers that be, turn over the Brexit negotiations to this group, as I am sure we could sort it; we did everything else.
Warning! There was a bit of music, but it was brief, and I think, relatively painless.
Just finished all the clean up, and returning things, and putting them away.
All back to normal; I might just have a long nap, today.


Fabulous bake off/BBQ, thanks Gregg and Mrs Gregg. Even Dean barely made a dent in the food mountain!

Thanks to Jim for driving.

It was great to catch up with everyone x



Big thanks to Greg and his wife for their excellent hospitality at their bake off. Very enjoyable.

Good to see everyone. It was great to just sit back, relax, chat, and eat & drink.

The food was great. I loved the burgers, the chicken, the brownies, the sausages, the beer, and everything else that passed my lips.

I did get to listen to Gregg’s system before I departed home. He have an envious listening room and a mighty fine sounding system. I did like the funky cd player.

I got some food goodies to take home including a sandwich made with that lovely chicken. I was going to save it until I got home but it only lasted 'till Cambridge!

All good stuff!