On the upside you get a lie-in.


I just checked/oiled the bikes and cycled the Alban Way with my son. About 5 miles each way. Will take me a few days to recover, I imagine.


I’m still not recovered from last weekend I think. Going to skip tomorrow…


You did go a bit mental to be fair :grinning:


I’m doing this tomorrow:


Looks the biz - what’s the event ?


I did that, going West and only one way, but taking in a few more twisties, going from Lausanne to Gérardmer via Basel.

Admittedly it was on my Ducati, not a push-iron, but what a fantastic ride. The damp cobbles on the hairpins gave me some hairy moments and when I got to my hotel I was in severe need of a beer.

So after a shower went in search of the bar, which turned out to be non existent because the hotel was next to a church, and no alcohol can be served within 100 meters of a church in Gérardmer…:scream:

Happily it was a nice evening so wandered down the road a bit and found a couple of other bikers in a nice bar and got pleasantly pissed on Chimay.

Have a great day!


Looks excellent and tough; how long do you expect it to take?


It’s the Alsacienne - three distances to choose from: 102/2700, 137/3800, 179/4500. I’m doing the middle one. A beautiful part of the world to go cycling but it starts with a 1000 metre climb.
I reckon (hope) it’ll take me about 7 hours…


Great - enjoy!


Thanks. 7 1/4 hours in the end. ‘Enjoy’ is probably the wrong word for some of the climbs (I’m 92 kg) but certainly satisfying. And a beautiful area.


Well done, couldn’t imagine getting myself up those climbs without an engine underneath me!


Believe me I wished for one earnestly and often.


Yep well done - hope you’re celebrating with some nice vino :wink:


Thanks - in fact we all got a nice bottle of Alsace white in the well-stocked goodie bag when we signed in before the ride. Not sure if we were supposed to put it in our bidons or celebrate with it afterwards…


Hope you’re over the Greece hiccup Bolts

Sounds like you’ll have a great day at RL, nice seeing the Pro’s covering ground you know well.

We’re off at 5.44 this time… cripes. Hopefully reduce the crush later, some of ours had a miserable time last year hanging around in Surrey.

Hope the training is going well for all those riding.


Yep all good now been out nearly every day and legs starting to feel more up for it - I’m off at 630, so again hoping to miss any snarl-ups.


Dan do you know the roads well around Foxbar etc ?

I’m really enjoying exploring the minor roads around the whole area and want to try and get a route that gets over the 6,000 ft mark but try and squeeze it in under 80 mile and without doing any hill repeats.

Any ideas ?


Sorry Allan, I’ve never had a road bike up to the in-laws and our exploration of the area only extends to taking the kids and dog up the hill to Glennifer Braes for the park and walking tracks.

There must be some decent rides up there as the odd time we’ve cut across the top to get to Lochwinnoch the roads have been quiet though undulating rather than really hilly iirc. Strava route builder?


I had a route planned on Strava but couldn’t get it to load onto my Garmin so will need to try the Gramin Connect.

I’ve done a couple of rides around the quieter roads and it’s been great - also a surprising amount of climbing without doing any hill repeats which is good.