After changing a wheel on me car I dropped the wheel on me toe. The edge of the alloy snapped the end of me toe just under the nail.


Ouch! Much cussing I imagine.


There were a few ‘flipping hecks’. Now can’t find were I put the security wheelnut thingy. So can’t change wheel back from spacesaver. Bugger.


Commiserations for me on RideLondon so it’ll be a charity job again I guess.

still recovering from from pre Christmas crash, but back out on the bike from last week and putting a few miles in, hard though.

Believe it or not the consultant ‘forgot’ to tell me I had a fractured pelvis until he sheepishly called today…5 whole weeks after I had the MRI.

Bit of a blow but I’m going to carry on riding as I feel OK :slight_smile:


Oh I’m down for the Wiggle ups and Downs ride (geddit) on 11th March - 50 most likely.


Fractured pelvis sounds bad.Anybody else involved, or did you just have one of those ‘moments’?

Hotel was booked as soon as dates announced. They are now asking silly prices again.

Best book a sportive or two in as training I suppose.


One from my ride today - view from Lyle Hill memorial above Greenock. Snow on them thar hills.


No just me crashing off an MTB


The Graeme Obree film Battle Mountain is on iPlayer :thumbsup:


Watching it at the moment. He’s an amazing bloke. I love the bit where he gets some metal by cutting down one of his saucepans!


Yup. His training manual is worth a read even if you’re not into cycling, purely for insight into his mind.


I read ’ The Flying Scotsman’ a few years ago, well worth reading also.


Yep excellent autobiography - amazing guy, I’ll check out the film too


:balloon: Friend just got an ebike, loves it for commuting.

At least this one gets a three-wheel arrangement the better way round.


For the love of God, another Sinclair comes up with another tricycle that no-one wants!

Meanwhile, Elon Musk (porn name), comes up with this -


A few pics of Arran and the Clyde Estuary from my bike ride today





Worth knowing, always my chosen shop in Newcastle. (Dad got a hand built.)



Muscles from spine to hips always tend to shorten with Western lifestyle.


Excellent service - can make such a difference not having your bike stuck in the LBS for days :+1:


Mr MWS will be along in a minute :grinning: