Pot Belge


People who announce they’re going to shock you, invariably don’t.


Signed up for Ride London (again) today…


Nice one. I am looking forward to it. Was jolly fun last year.


Are you sure you’ll be fit enough - appreciate you’ve done loads of riding recently, but none of it on a bicycle :grin:


Still out of breath walking up the stairs Jim?


Is that a euphemism for something sexually depraved?


Not sure if anyone here is following the Giro but great finish in yesterday’s race. The statistics on the power outputs of these riders are just mind-blowing, especially when you consider they’d been riding into a 40k headwind for most of the stage


Where are you following it? I read the BBC text, but it’s unexciting.

And goodness, you need to train hard for that kind of figures!

Up Mount Etna for the finish on Tuesday.


Plenty of the right ‘fuel’. Not a problem.


On Eurosport (subscription) or apparently 10pm-11pm each night on Quest (free), on Sky channel 144 or Freeview channel 37


Thank you, will try and catch up with pictures.


Strategically placed police motorbike. :smiling_imp:


Here’s a proper route for you cyclists.
Mount Iwaki, Japan.
15kms. @90 switchbacks, 12-18% gradient.
Open once a year to cyclist’s for the Mount Iwaki Hill Climb Challenge. Single speed? :slight_smile:


Not much respite between corners there so it would be a killer.

I would love to give the full Mauna Kea climb in Hawaii a go - it’s about 70 km and 4191m of climbing as it starts at sea level at an average of 6% :+1:


Low enough gear, yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks stunning



@spacehopper you’ll be proud of me…finally took the mudguards off the kinesis :stuck_out_tongue:


No way - pics or I don’t believe you :grinning:

Can always get an Ass-Saver :+1:


G’day guys, Dan from the Wheel Things Strava club.

Finally made it over this way now that I’ve resurrected the hifi after a move.

Anyone else doing ToC over the weekend?