Diet and Fitness


You fucking idiot! What have you started?


Short bout of swimming this morning - about a mile but left knee gave off a mild throb so I quit to be on the safe side.

Will probably do some upper body weights this afternoon (if I get any work done before then).


Ha ha, can’t see this catching on amongst the AA massive! Obviously the beer part is well underway :grin:


More yoga fun :slight_smile:

This guy’s story and daily routine is exactly the same (except I’m half his weight). I’ve added a few movements to that but the ones he’s used have kept me away from any back pain for years.


Not sure I can finish that article after he calls bad the things I love - weeds, seeds and wheatgrass smoothies! :slight_smile:

And soy-boys haha


Diet update - Day 89 - 36 lb lost so far. That’s 3" from my waist and 5" off my belly.
My BMI has dropped from 33.8 to 28.6. I now weigh just under 14 stone.

I have been keeping fit by walking and gardening/DIY using up 3350 cals per day
My arm is still not 100% so lifting/swinging weights is not possible yet.

There is still dieting and exercising to be done though I am still overweight.


Wow, that is some progress! Bet none of your trousers fit you do they? :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations Andy. That’s really well done. I take my rhetorical hat off to you !



Well done but I’ve missed seeing your baps


Hopefully today’s gamble pays off… Kids have been sick and I was feeling proper ropey yesterday, although I felt less ill by the evening. Plan before getting sick was to either do the club ride or a slightly longer route but taking it easier. Felt ok this morning so decided to head out and see how I felt. Decided against the club ride so i could decide the intensity (last week was fun but fast and i spent a fair bit of time in the red). Legs felt really good setting off and pretty easy to keep heart rate low. I knew it was supposed to be windy, but the crosswinds heading out of town were scary at points. I managed to keep my heart rate down despite turning into headwind but meant I was crawling at points. Stunning day apart from the wind so I got a bit carried away and ended up doing just shy of 90 miles. Able to take it easy though and felt like I could have kept going and going at that pace. Hope I don’t end up horrendously unwell tomorrow though!!


I’ve got a horrible cold at the moment and experience has taught me that exercise is okay when ill, but nothing intense otherwise it just makes me more ill. Hope you are feeling better today.


Reading back through this thread, I’ve noticed that you keep-fit boys seem to get cold/flu/coughs pretty often.

Does exercise depress your immune system or something?

I’m a fat lazy cunt but I can’t remember the last time I had a cold…


Difficult to establish that as significant without also having data for the incidence of colds etc for members who don’t exercise.

What is proven is the higher rates of incidence of heart disease for fat cunts so I’m quite happy with a few colds if that’s the price to pay :slight_smile:


Ah well, at least when I have a heart attack, I won’t have a runny nose & sore throat too :grinning:


Its a good point though. In general moderate exercise should improve your immune system, but some people just are more susceptible to respiratory infections. I tend to get on average 2 per year whereas many people haven’t had a cold for years.


We catch colds from other people and from the things they’ve touched very recently. Children, and therefore people who have children, are fantastic sources of infection. I think the biggest influence on how many colds people get is how many other people they mix with and whether they spend much time in public places. It could definitely be argued that colds are a small price to pay for these things, and it’s also the case that regular minor infections do keep our immune systems primed.



I work with people who seem to allow small children to live in the same house. Also working with healthcare professionals is never going to be a great way of avoiding colds and other infections.


Seems logical, but both my wife and two daughters work in junior schools surrounded by kids. All three often succumb to something, but never seem to pass it on to me.

I must be a jammy fucker :grin:


I used to do that. I’ve really noticed how many fewer colds I get since I stopped doing it. But my experience is nothing compared to my mum’s when she gave up being a primary school playground assistant. She was in her early 70’s and her doctor actually advised her that continuing with the tinies would be significantly risky.



Or perhaps just a family of hand-washers ?