Diet and Fitness


Interesting piece about endurance training.


He’s been at it again? That Patch is soooooo physical. :grin:


Been looking at HRV remembering that either @NAM or @Pan had mentioned it and I initially completely misunderstood what they meant.

I’ve been reading around and am particularly interested in relation to readiness for intense exercise and also the effects of meditation on HRV.

I’ve downloaded EliteHRV and already have an Under Armour heart monitor and have been taking baseline morning readiness readings. Not ideal as I’m still unwell and my sleep pattern is way off its norm which both have an affect.

Will report back on how useful I think it is.


NAM. Post 225 has a link.


Hoping that if I can shake off this bloody awful lurgy then I’ll be able to start gently getting back into running and add back in some more intense weights and use swimming as recovery. Yoga is everyday whether it’s 10 mins or 40 mins.

HRV tracking will in the first instance warn me of overtraining.


I had a week off this week, totally unplanned.

Last week I did 112kg for 4 and the last rep was really hard. I think I’ll do a week of squatting everyday this next week, with lighter weight (with various upper body on different days), then go for 5 reps at 112 the week after (I’m increasing the weight after I’ve hit 5 reps).


Compared with when I was feeling burnt out last year my HRV was much, much better when I tested it earlier in the year after having rested for a few months and trained with an emphasis on recovery

…but I haven’t been able to get into the habit of testing it every morning. If I’m honest it’s probably in large part because I would generally ignore it since I already have to be flexible in adjusting my training around work and family…

I found a paper a while back that from memory showed a small benefit of HRV guided training over proscriptive training, but my criticism was that it compared it to a rigid routine, rather than someone who (themselves or guided by a coach) adjusts their training on feel. There have been times over the last couple of months where I’m pretty sure that the outcome would have been worse if I’d blindly stuck to my plan rather than easing off or going a bit harder than planned.


My legs feel like lactic husks after chucking in a few hill repeats after 70 miles yesterday. I enjoyed it though…After this rest week, I’m going to drop the volume and go hill hunting for the next 3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to improve my hill climbing, any tips?


I’m probably not the person to ask haha. I usually go off too hard, blow up half way and end up slogging it to the top. @spacehopper does way more hills than me. I’d read last week that hill repeats were done at lactate threshold which is probably 80-90% maximum heart rate so on Sunday I just found a reasonably challenging hill, found a gear that got my heart rate up to 175-180bpm at ~90rpm cadence and a good steady burn in my legs and kept going till the top :stuck_out_tongue:


Tbh I’m not the best person to ask either Ben.

I don’t have any structure to my rides in the same manner as Neil does it just happens that where I live most of my routes do include a bit of climbing so I’ve just had to get used to it :smile:

The one thing I did decide to do a while ago is change my cassettes to a 11-32 with a 50/34 crank and a medium cage rear mech. I prefer to spin a higher gear on climbs rather than trying to kill my legs as I know I don’t have the leg strength over longer rides.

It sounds like a huge ratio but it’s essentially an 11-28 with an extra get out of jail gear - I’ve not used the 32 yet but it’s nice to know I have it in case I blow on a climb which I’ve done many a time. :+1:


thanks chaps - as I suspected the bottom line is ride more hills, more often :sweat: - I think the hill repeats is a good idea and one that I should pick up again as it’s pretty quick to get done and now I’ve worked out my FTP I can ride to the top end of the threshold each time - I started watt bike classes recently and their ‘mountain goat’ sessions work on the same principle.

I’m not overweight but half a stone off would also help. Interesting about the gearing change Allan - I tend to ride most hills now in the small ring, preferring to spin rather than force my way up, so I’ll look into that too.


When I tried a FTP test, it was before I used a heart rate monitor so I have no idea what heart rate it corresponds to!


Decent start to the day, 15 mins of yoga and quick mile in the pool.


I’ve felt weak as fuck for some reason this week…tried and failed to hit the number of push up reps that I managed last week…I’d manage 2 x 15 and then fail miserably on the 3rd set manage 5 or so. Then today I managed 15,15 and 16…why?

An easy/recovery week from cycling this week but I’ve been a bit all over the place…although I’ve ridden less I’ve not taken it as easy as I perhaps should have. Forgot my clothes for work yesterday and thrashed it home on the single speed at ~90% of my maximum heart rate…fun, but not sure it was the best idea- especially as I feel like I’m fighting off a cold.

Was going to spend the week catching up on stretching/flexibility but…I haven’t…and feeling a bit tight.

Also, absolutely zero willpower to even slightly restrict calories. I’ve not eaten ridiculously but I have indulged at points :stuck_out_tongue: Planning on doing more intense midweek rides for the next 3 weeks so should probably eat a couple of weetabix beforehand, which means the weight/fat loss will probably slow down.


You’re a shambles :wink:


It might sound like it, but I’m not beating myself up over any of it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. Reducing the volume but keeping some intensity is what people do when tapering, and I’m leading the easy ride on Sunday so sure I’ll still recover enough this week.


I was only pulling your leg as you know :slight_smile:

The shambles is me at the moment - knee seems fixed but now I’ve gone and fucked up the calf on my other leg :weary:. It was tight after my first tentative run so I waited and waited before heading out for a light run yesterday evening. Everything fine up to 2 miles and then suddenly a searing pain which stopped me in my tracks. Hobbled home for a mile and a half.

That’s put running back for another week or two fucks sakes. Really frustrating.

On the plus side but in no way making up for it, my RHR was back to 42 bpm this morning. Great :confused:


Day 104 - Diet update. I have now lost 19kg that’s a smidge under three stone. My RHR is down at 51/52

I am keeping fit by housework, DIY and walking.
Today I am making some more plywood boxes. I snapped up enough material to make 40 for £50 - It’s a chore but we may end up renting if our house sells.