Diet and Fitness


Slower progress this week, five days away in hotels and apartments but I still managed to lose a couple, even with a bit of drinking. One stone and four pound since Lopwell, chuffed so far.

Gratuitous belt shot


Excellent ! Carry on like this and you’ll be able to see the bits below the belt before you know it (that’ll be your toes of course :+1:).



not quite sticky fingers…


All soreness gone from legs and resting heart rate 48bpm this morning so reckon I’m recovered enough for a couple of midweek rides to explore the area.


This change of diet has the added bonus of forcing me to appreciate what food I have just that little bit more than before. With carbs, dairy and sugar essentially gone i find myself needing to make the most of what I have. Dish of the day was “what can i do with this punnet of cheap beef kidneys” I picked up from the butchers.

Keeping it simple, I flash fried them with just a mere whiff of oil for a couple of minutes, added a teaspoonful of gooseberry and chile sauce and 30 seconds later served it up with a lush tomato salad and a wholemeal wrap. Lovely; if I ran a cafe this would be on the menu for sure.

Chicken livers next, having fun with offal!


Quick 40 mile ride to explore the area last night (stunning)

Got a pass to do a longer ride today, family have left for day trip already and won’t be back till 5 or so…I’m tempted to not bother and just go back to bed :stuck_out_tongue:


Masturbation alert :fist:t2: !


Looks like you’re doing well Bob!

What diet are you following? Low carbs & low dairy?
I’m trying a Low carb diet at the moment, to both help control my blood sugers & to lose weight, but it encourages the eating of full fat dairy as well as the healthy fats.


I don’t think it’s a diet that’s written down anywhere as such. Just took some advice from Olga at Lopwell and followed that. I approach it not as a diet but a long term (1 to 2 years) change of habit, it was about as much what I don’t eat ass what I do.

It’s high protein with most protein taken at breakfast, less at lunch and nigh on vegetarian by dinner. Low sugar (still take some in tea and coffee), low carb (baguette and a wrap each day), a little milk but no cheese, chocolate, cake, crisps , pastry, spuds, pasta or rice.

I rapidly discovered ketosis, that was a shit ten days, Olga didn’t warn me about that!

I’ll drop my weight to about fourteen stone, a loss of some nine stone and by then I will have changed my diet slightly and introduced a touch more exercise.

I have to be bloody selfish with what I eat, it has surprised me how much others can be annoyed at my"fussy" diet. Ignoring them has probably been the hardest thing about the diet, especially if eating out and I chose to have a couple of starters only. :grinning:


That’s a relief then…:stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t want to put you off before you started :slightly_smiling_face:

The side effects vary by person so not everyone gets bad breath, or constipated etc.

You should be very proud that you’re one of the minority of people who see this as a sustainable lifestyle change - in 1,5,10 years you’ll be healthier and more likely to have maintained your improvement. Dieters always land back where they started.


I chose exercise over onanism in the end. Stunning day on the bike, ~95 miles including up cairngorm

I rode past this place and thought of @Jim fishing place named c-beat. Presume c is for cock.


Minus 21, Lopwell plus 5 weeks.


Trying to work out if sports massage is worth it or not

This made me laugh- someone massaged bunnies (then presumably killed them and chopped their legs off for study)


You need one of these

And one of these


And yes sports massage can be very useful but as usual this comes with a heavy dose of ‘it depends’:

  • Fitness goals and intensity of exercise/ competition - ie if you’re a full time athlete then these guys travel with a sports physio who will massage them every day and hunt down adhesions and tightness.

  • Frequency - it works best if seen as a series rather than a one off - largely because you tend to solve one issue and thereby surface another

  • Self treatment - you can do an awful lot for yourself with a combination of foam rolling and other trigger point release, yoga and steam room sessions

I would imagine that given the amount of miles you look to cycle that you could self treat legs, lower/ upper back and shoulders. Foam rolling makes for part of a good warm up and post ride, as well as morning after.


Yeah that’s what I do already, and from looking into it yesterday I decided not worth getting a sports massage.

Found an article that referenced a study where they had seen a benefit and, in contrast to most papers looking at benefits of massage on performance where no effect was seen, this study had looked at the effect of 3 massages a week for a month or something

I feel ok today anyway. Should probably stretch and use the roller etc… tonight though


Interesting the reference to performance - I wonder how that was measured? I would agree that I don’t think massage improves performance directly, but I would say that it increases ability and frequency of training which should then contribute to performance/ consistency.

If you can self administer then the effects of sports massage are going to be marginal, although I will say that the one I use will push me to my pain threshold and hunt down problems with ruthless efficiency. She also works with and trains competitive powerlifters and other athletes so she always brings insights and is good for general training problem solving.


You might even get @Penance interested in keeping fit, once he sees those buttplugs you use :ok_hand:


Ive been quietly following this thread, impressive efforts being made.

I had a dabble at jogging last year, i got up to 7.5k after about 3 months of gradual distance increases. Unfortunately I had to stop due to IT band pain, its an absolute bitch when it kicks in.

Ive not run at all this year and Ive missed it tbh. I read about various exercises that can be performed to overcome the issue but ive not been motivated to try them. I may go for a light jog when i get home tomorrow and see how it feels after a long break.