Diet and Fitness


On the advice of my doctor, I’m starting a diet :relieved:

Drastic carb reduction combined with cutting down on fats and portion control.

Not looking forward to it, but it must be done :+1:


I’ll join in with you Jim, just need to get a holiday out of the way first…mines a Cornish Pasty please…doh!


Feel free to take the piss - I deserve it, having shat on this thread many times :grin:


Actually I’m serious, I NEED to do summat too mate!


Last time I saw you Rob, you didn’t look particularly overweight. Have you been loading up on the pavs & toblers lately then?


Get your coat you’ve pulled :slight_smile: .

Yes the extravagent life style I live has caught up with me and i’m over weight.


I’ve pretty much been following the Twinkie diet for the last 3 months or so

Basically, I kept the healthy meals, but added syrup to my porridge, ate crisps and cake with my soup and yoghurt at lunch, grazed on cheese crackers and bread while cooking dinner, and ate chocolate or whatever afterwards. I didn’t snack between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and grazing while cooking

Toting up the calories for what I will eat today- brought homemade humous, carrot, cucumber, celery, and cottage cheese for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack (totalling ~500 calories) - i reckon I’ve been making up my daily calorie intake to ~2300/2400 which is roughly maintenance for the amount of exercise I’ve been doing I reckon (and my weight hasn’t changed much if at all).

However, I’ve possibly been doing my training a disservice since I could probably have done with more protein.

Food for today, which based on yesterday I expect to kill the grazing and sweet hunger, works out as 2100-2200 calories and ~90g of protein, possibly a bit more. This will probably put me in a slight calorie deficit over the week. We’ll see. It’s healthier regardless and I probably need it to support progressing with chin ups and push ups. Aside from protein it’ll be better for nutrients.

Live and learn, eh?


Weigh your food, and…

Homemade soup, homemade soup homemade soup :+1:


Here is what i snack on during the day if im feeling hungry at work.

3 weeks ago there would have been a multi pack of twix and kitkats there. It seems there are major health benefits from eating 3 banans a day if you believe google and the internet. Im averaging 2.

Does anyone dare post their BMI?





Good luck Jim. Did the doc refer you to a dietitian or weight loss advice?

Take it easy at first and step down at a comfortable rate, small adjustments etc. Basically all the things I suggested to Bob at Lopwell and look at the results he’s getting.

Easiest thing is to buy smaller plates and bowls first :+1:


This guy has absolutely nailed it. If you could do one thing to improve your functional mobility and protect your back it’s this. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now for exactly the reasons the author is suggesting. I’ve been pain free in my back despite stressing it for about 5 years.


I’ve been doing this consistently for 3 or 4 months now :+1:

I haven’t been doing normal squats, but noticed the other day that I can now get below parallel before butt wink


Just be careful with BMI. It’s a blunt tool which in the small print will confess that it cannot distinguish between fat and muscle mass. As a 16 year old gymnast the school nurse weighed me and declared me overweight by looking at the chart. At this point I was about 5’ 6" weighing 12.5 st but crucially had bodyfat of about 6-7%!

If you check out this link the calculators for bodyfat, BMI, BMR and calorie reduction/ calorie burn for weight loss are pretty useful.


Yes i realise that. But it is still a usefully simplistic guide. Im sure if you lined up a 1000 people off the street the exceptions will be in a small minority*

Im 23.8, which is higher than i was expecting given my height and appearnce (lanky streak of piss).

*waiting to be corrected.


It all depends on if you keep your fat on the inside or the outside :slight_smile:


What does?


This, but I was being silly so take no notice.


Fair point and by and large the numbers will be an indicator at a population level sample. However the calculation method means that it doesn’t take much additional weight to return an overweight rating the shorter you are vs a tendency for taller people unless their overall frame increases in width proportionally will come over as normal / underweight.

Fundamentally I think it’s flawed and looking at body composition is much more useful to understand base position and guide people on how to change their body shape and general fitness. Lean mass and bodyfat % also make it easier to determine accurate calorie intake, otherwise these return numbers which essentially feed and maintain your current fat level.