Diet and Fitness


No it doesn’t though.


I wonder if the BMI gives more false over weight readings than incorrect okay weight/height readings, on face value it seems like it would.

I should probably google this tbh.

Wevs anyway, too much thinking.


Yes you’re right it does both equally.

Just found this and the last line says exactly what I did above.


It’s a risk factor, innit?

If your BMI is ok, you don’t have that risk factor. You might have others.


would you do chin ups daily, or less often that push ups (more stressful?)?


Pardon? Please repeat Stats 101 young man. :angry:


New bike on the way, the plan is to get out a few evenings a week and build up slowly. Need to lose about 5 stone, before it’s too late and my knees finally capitulate under the strain.


Don’t be a cunt all your life and go fuck off and mark someone else’s homework :ok_hand:


Fair enough, I’ll reduce amount of consultancy I do to back down on the level of cuntishness. FWIW, I don’t mark homework at all. :fu:


Chin ups = upper body squat. Although you can do them everyday, if you start off trying to do that you’ll overtrain and give up.

Every other day if you build up slowly, or 2 rest days if you ramp up your volume and blitz it.

Cues and form tips to get the maximum benefit -

  • full range or fuck off, i.e. All the way down to straight arms, no catching the bottom with your biceps
  • focus on pulling your elbows down to your waist and slightly behind you
  • try to get your chest to touch the bar
  • as you pull up, squeeze your shoulder blades together
  • lower yourself as slowly as you can
  • flex your biceps and back hard at the top of the movement and hold there for a count of one
  • keep your legs still, no swinging them around
  • one slow high quality rep is better than 10 half reps where you cheat and wriggle your way up


Consider some half decent padded cycling gloves if you end up covering a fair distance. I never used to use them, but wouldn’t be without now.


Your pedantry says otherwise :grinning:. Old habits die hard eh teach’ ?


Yes, I used to have some when I cycled a lot, and that’s a good point. I shall find some more…XXXL


Cool, thanks. I’m doing them full range, slow with a pause at the top and not swinging legs. I’ll pay attention to the other stuff as well.

So decrease the rest time each week then?


What bike are you getting, a Specialized Dust Gatherer like mine?

Road or mountain?


Yep. Don’t rush, it takes time to build up volume so in the beginning don’t worry too much about reps. Think training rather than trying to set records.

Once you can do ten straight then you’re in a very small percentage of the population :slightly_smiling_face:. Of course you’re a lean fella so it should be a relative doddle!


No dietician. Doctor’s weight loss advice: Stop drinking, cut right down on bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. If you like meat so much, make it as lean as you can and try to avoid processed foods, especially meat products. :+1:

Change my entire diet then :flushed:


Thanks. I got up to 6 before… can barely manage 2 now though


Unfortunately that’s all very good advice. The classic avoid all white carbs works. What you’ll need to do is find better replacements, so sweet potatoes instead of white, brown rice and particularly mixed grains instead of rice (learn to love quinoa you hipster :joy:), brown/ seeds bread but in smaller portions, avoid pasta full stop or only have it in small portions and very occasionally.

The good news is you can largely eat as much green stuff as you like :slightly_smiling_face:. So far I imagine this hasn’t featured too heavily in your diet so a world of flavour awaits…


Yes, Specialized DustHopper comp. Hoping to get it quite dusty during the winter. Hardtail MTB, lots of good trails round my way. Good flat one up the river, goes from Shoreham to Guildford. Then there are some more hardcore trails on the downs, my son gets involved in those, i’m not going near them.