Diet and Fitness


Ive been doing a full body workout for the entire duration of August 3 times per week, I cant keep going like this now the weight is higher. I need more rest, the heavy squats in particular are taking too much out of me.

Ive decided to move to a 3 day split. Push, pull legs, will do this for September and see how it goes. Its what i used to do 10yrs ago and it worked well for me.


Yeah I could never cope with the classic 3 full body workouts - you have to either dial back volume or intensity and even then it’s hard to recover and go again in 48 hrs.

That’s why I’m doing a 4 day split of upper - lower body, for similar reasons as your 3 day split, but I’m still probably working at a lower % of 1RM than you are so I can fit in 3 runs a week as well.


Im pleased i managed it for a month, the 5x5 has done a good job of getting me back into the routine.

Your home gym must save a lot of time, id prob do 4 as well if it was less inconvenient.


Just done the Wolfrun, a LOT more fun than expected and not quite the challenge I was ready for, so would encourage others to do if they fancy, whatever fitness level.



On one hand yes - I can fit in short intense 30-40 min sessions without adding in travel either side so it is more convenient. Downside is that I don’t have a squat rack and I’m having to use DB’s for safety which isn’t ideal.


Zercher Squat?

I like them but I do take them out of a rack, you’d have to rest the bar on your knees as per the original movement.

I’ve been getting very little sleep recently and only done a couple of training sessions. Getting ready to go out and do some now and the plan is to train most days this week, starting light, to get back into it.


Depends. Can’t really suggest anything actually useful without knowing your goals.


Think I’d like to try a half marathon, will see how you get on first!
Goals wise, I don’t really think I’m a runner, would actually like to build a bit more muscle, so will get back to the gym now…


No I’m no runner either, hence why the half marathon was going to be such a challenge.


My goal for this week was to recover enough from the last two weekends 100 mile rides to get back on track- been too tired or fried to do push ups or chin ups the last couple of weeks. Not sure I’ve managed it to be honest, pretty damn wiped.

Not quite sure why I expected anything else though - I’ve had two nights out drinking, which is unusual for me, on top of that ran 5k in to work two days, a 30 mile ride and a 12 mile ride after work. Plus a pretty busy week at work.

Felt ok actually, and like I was recovering, during the week…but this morning I just could not be fucked going for my planned ride which is unlike me. I was feeling the red wine from last night, but not sure it would have been different without that :stuck_out_tongue: So, I used the time while kids were at swimming lessons to go for an 11 mile, 2.5 hour walk including up two hills in Edinburgh, with 1600+ feet of ascent. Really enjoyed it, and nice to do something different…but probably not actually that restful…

It’s left me wanting to walk up some proper hills actually…


Probably a good reflection on my general fitness that I placed 538/1562 on the Strava leaderboard for ascent of Arthur’s seat by the hard route, walking rather than running, after already having covered 6.5 miles and another hill


…although perhaps not that sensible an undertaking :wink:


You need to get a sedentary hobby like listening to music :smiley:


I listened to 2.5 hours worth of music on my walk :+1:


Squats and deadlifts. Quite a few :+1:


Trying to put Fat NAM back in the box. He came out to play for a couple of weeks.


I’m losing weight, not particularly quickly but i reckon that’s a good thing - on previous diets, every time I’ve lost a lot quickly, It seems to come back again.

Still, I can do things now that I struggled with a month back.


Yep :+1:. 5 pounds lost forever is better than 20 pounds shed that just comes back again.

What like? Can you see your knob now?


don’t be daft…but I don’t need to bend over so far :laughing:


Get up from the sweet spot at a bakeoff?