Diet and Fitness


I see that tabata comprises eight rounds. Are you taking a HIIT approach to breaching the 8 wank wall?


My wife would fucking kill me if I required assistance getting off the toilet :stuck_out_tongue:


I quite often do curls of some sort last thing. I enjoy doing it so not going to stop.
I complete plenty of body weight dips and chins early on anyway (on the relevant day)

As for the chap benching, I wasnt paying much attention until he nearly failed. Stupidity for all to see.


I find it less risky to do a curl beforehand




Fairy nuff. I’m on a one man mission to get people to replace curls, leg extensions etc with something more useful, but like every thing else it’s all depends on what your goals are.


Like a rectal Russian roulette. How many farts before you chicken out?


I assume you mean curl one out? Definitely before squatting or DL’s :grinning:


That’s it - obvs a stretch target


Pretty sure that doesn’t work and you’re stuck with what you were given


Mini update - I have been logging my BP’s for two months and a few days ago my GP approved me stopping my BP medication to see what happens. Three days and five half lives later my BP average is steady at 120/70 so it’s looking goodish. I have now jogged every day for the last five days and still showing continual improvement in my times.
My BMI which was 34 is currently 25.6. I hope to get to 25 before month end. I am starting to feel quite fit now but still have more fat around my belly that I think needs distributing as muscle elsewhere.


It’ll come given your rate of fantastic progress. Blokes store fat on their bellies and lower backs and so it’s always the last place to go, but it will. The more muscle you add on the more calories they burn up as fuel too.


Daughter’s birthday party so a shorter ride this morning- 45 miles. Actually, I think that I’d be better doing 40-50 miles on a Sunday rather than the normal 60-80 while I adapt to the running. My gut feeling is that you don’t get much extra benefit beyond 3 hours for the extra stress and need for recovery.

Broke 5000 miles for the year today :+1:


Agree, your experience seems to suggest that the extra stress kicks out a lot of cortisol which in turn leads to fatigue, longer recovery and binge breakouts!


My legs got worse through the day yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: not awful, but worse. I was planning to head out and turn back if I didn’t feel up to it, but actually felt pretty good. My heart and lungs felt better than my legs- my cycling is definitely still taking a bit from the running, but I feel like there’s a definite benefit already, even if it’s hard to put my finger on what’s improved.


I tried out a new route today, and it was much better for a 40/50 mile blast. It’s an area I have ridden in, but not often- still a lot of roads to explore, lots of challenging hills, great road surfaces and it’s better from a warm-up point of view because it’s flat for 5-10 miles to get out there compared with my normal routes which are pretty much straight up after leaving home.

Also, if i do that I can get up a bit later, help wife get kids ready for swimming then be back not too long after they are

I really could not be fucked getting up before 6 this morning, which is normal for the club ride…got up at 7 and was out and back in time to shower, help get kids ready and leave for the party


The 100+ mile rides, definitely. Actually- I wonder whether the ride this morning was roughly equivalent to the 60/70 mile club ride given the drafting, waiting to regroup, cafe stop etc… but, that means me getting up before 6 and being out the house until 1 or even 2 pm.


I’m gubbed enough after today’s ride


Yesterday was leg day, didn’t really fancy it but managed to switch the ‘reasons not to’ switch off and do it anyway.

3 sets of 9 squats (DB’s)
1 set of 10 deadlifts (BB)

This was after a surprisingly tough Tabatta session first thing - absolutely hammered my core and triceps which I wasn’t expecting.

Gonna see if my calf is up to a gentle jog when I get home later this evening, or wait till tomorrow.


Jesus…searching online for whether running hurts cycling performance turns up something akin to cable wars

I’m inclined towards this view

Plus, I think it’s better to be able to run than not

(I have to keep telling myself that)