Diet and Fitness


What’s missing? Probably the last ten years of your life if you ate that every day for breakfast :joy:


My UA wristband thingie records sleep length and depth and keeps a record so I don’t kid myself about how much sleep I’m really getting. 7 hours is fine if I’ve not been active, 6 is okay, whereas if I’ve been exercising in volume or intensity then 8 hrs is a must I’ve found.


I think my favourite answer was “a pint”


Is that based on heart rate and movement?


I presume so yes. It also takes my RHR in the morning before waking.


4 hours here for last 2 nights. Hard to think straight really, not enough for me.

I don’t even think my body can stay asleep for a full 8 anymore.


Feels a bit like that for me too. I think it’s something I need to retrain myself to be able to do though l


Same here. If I get six hours I keep waking up wide awake but really want to stay asleep longer. Need to change a lot of things affecting it though.


I generally get 6 hrs of good sleep followed by 2ish hrs of disturbed / light sleep.
Lots of outdoor activity the day before can mean 8hrs decent sleep, but thats not very common.

The thing that really buggers up my sleep is alcohol. More than 2 beers late in the evening and im going to wake up 2 or 3 times in the night, one of reasons why I’m drinking far less than I used to.


I seem to be very slowly losing weight

I am getting lots of protein for my bodyweight…but this suggests I’m in a calorie deficit? Do I need a slight excess to build strength?

I’m sure sleep is a factor too


Most of the time the answer is yes.


Fuck me, is this Mum’s net?


Often, yes :unamused:


Have you been to Centre Park recently?


Of course not,what’s the best toaster you’ve owned?


More or less. Do you want to talk about your stretch marks?


They’re probably still stretched.


His post-Centerparcs “inside” stretch marks?




I’ve been riding my new bike for examasize and it’s working. 2 notches on the belt. Last weekend I did 15 miles round trip. Going to try and beat that on Saturday. Will be out for a blast tonight if the rain holds off.


Can you fit in a Volvo yet?