Rosie at Chatsworth Country Fair on Saturday.


Love her ears.


Curtis hides and huffs if there is too much bass.


:smile: Yes they are great, she likes them rubbed!


Both of them buggered off during my first listen to the new AAAC offering this morning. Back now for the Gratful Dead which I hadn’t cleared from the streamer playlist.


I like this.


**A new occasional series: Mrs Millicent with famous Rock Musicians

No 1 : Mrs Millicent attempting to play ball with keyboard player Max Middleton (Ex Jeff Beck, Chris Rea, Mick Taylor, Kate Bush etc) :yum:

STOP PRESS - Coming soon:

Mrs Millicent plays ‘throw the rubber bone’ with Tom Waits.


Which ‘musician’ is chopping a line in the background?


That ball has seen better days mind you.


So has the keyboard player.


Alfie and Hazel, enjoying a walk in the fens.


That’s Mrs Millicent’s “mum” - confined to sofa with broken foot.


He’s had a hard life lately!


When I first looked at the picture I thought it was Jimmy Tarbuck


A helping hand refurbing some Rogers
IMG_3595 by mark leatherland, on Flickr

And post swim around ButtermereIMG_3677 by mark leatherland, on Flickr


Feed me. Feed me NOW!


Just needs to lift those front paws & he’s got that 3rd world squat properly nailed.


All she needs now is a Martini and a cigar. :slight_smile:


We’ve never been dog people at all. But having stayed in 9 dog friendly places and drunk in many dog friendly pubs over the past 3 weeks, I think we are starting to understand.


The number four buzzcut