Would love a dog but just can’t do picking up their shit.

Looked after a mates rescue dog for 2 weeks and I’ve never smelt shite so evil in all my life.


What did you do with it then, if you didn’t pick it up?


Picked it up but I’ll be fucked if I’d be willing to do that everyday for the rest of its/my life.


You’re missing a treat mate.

I never had a dog in my life until 3 yrs ago. They’re part of the family now and my life is enriched by their presence.


I bought a dog off a Blacksmith, it made a bolt for the door…




Mods delete my account pls.


Probably what it was being fed. Tinned / packet stuff can be pretty rubbish and tends to go straight through them. Our two eat raw meat, bones, raw veg and rice. All we end up picking is solid, non smelly lumps which are easier to throw over the fence in to next doors garden :wink:


Really? That is just nuts…


Once I binned the tins of wet food, and used dry stuff my dogs turds changed from slime balls to lovely hard sausages.

I wouldn’t change back!


And a few bones (chicken wings / thighs / drumsticks) does wonders for their guts as well. Not to mention good old white turds after a day or two lying unnoticed in the garden


No they really don’t; the in-laws dog ended up having an extended stay at the vets (and very nearly surgery) because it had eaten some bones and they’d completely bunged up his insides.


If you’re feeding bone to your dogs, it needs to be raw and in the correct ratio with lean meat and offal.

Cooked bones are a no-no.


This ^^^ We only ever feed them raw bones and raw meat / offal plus raw veg (they love carrots, runner beans and broccoli)


Mine a busy chewing 2 marrow bones. Doggie heaven.




Not sure this warrants a new thread, so I’ll try here first.

We are currently reviewing Maddie and Hildur’s (English Springer Spaniel bitches - 3yo and 1yo respectively) diet and wondered if anyone could recommend any alternatives to their everyday ‘dry mixer’ - Pedigree Mixer

They get freshly cooked meat (Chicken, Lambs liver, Beef Heart, Fish, Pigs liver etc.) every day, so this is just a supplement to that.

We’re not unhappy with Pedigree, just wondering if there is something better for them out there, without breaking the bank.

I’ve read some terrible reviews relating to some of the budget feedstuffs, Wagg in particular.

Any advice?


Fuck me, can I come and live with you? :yum:


I feed our collies Skinners Field and Trial. Good high protein feed. As it’s working dog food it is VAT free.