Great informative site. Thanks.


Hmmmm, Hifi forum and pet food … I have a great idea :smile:


Hifi forum???


It is a good site, I was shocked when I saw the rating that Ruby’s usual food got:

We’ve just switched Ruby to this:

It’s plenty more expensive per bag, but she gets less per day, so that ameliorates the cost a bit.

I have to say, she does much nicer poos now, and is less interested in eating them…


All of my OES’s have thrived on Skinners Field and Trial. We embellish with raw steak mince plus a topping of grated carrot with scraps of the day.


Ordered some of that Akela 80 20…we’ll see how that goes.


It went…


Zero unable to resist the sleep inducing grip of Bark Psychosis ‘Hex’


Not a natural born sheepdog?


My 12 year old began to stink on Friday. She has a bloody awful mouth issue and is going to have to go under tomorrow for most if not all her teeth out. The smell is beyond unpleasant.

And eat up most of the equivalent of a budget for a new cart! The things we do for animals…

Hope she makes it and wondering what she will look like with just gums! I’ve known this day was coming but the wife refused to countenance an anaesthetic due to age.

Until we have no real choice…


That doesn’t sound good Sap, it is going to be a big recovery and adjustment period for your pooch. Good luck with the op.

Our pup doesnt like it when she is left downstairs by herself, this pic captures her mood. Come back you bastards!


Our late Cocker spaniel had 22 teeth removed in one session, he didn’t seem bothered in the slightest.


That’s good to know.
She’s only 3 and a bit kg and twelve. It’s more the whole stress on her and the surgery.

If she finally sorts her bad breath it’s a win win!


Good luck, lovely little pooch.


We’ve put up with her stinky gob for a while. This could be a good thing.
She’s in a lot of pain at the moment and we haven’t a choice. Her drool is rancid…


the mutt is growing up and can have a serious face on at times, when not chewing the shit out of anything within reach



She only managed 18 out! I’m surprised they left some in.

Apparently the lower canines were so bad the infection and bacteria have eaten away at the bone so her tiny jaw is a little wobbly.

Should all heal and improve now the bacteria and mess have gone.

She’s going to have a shock when she comes round properly! I’m hoping that the few teeth left prevent that horrible lollong out tongue that sometimes happens after stuff like this… I’m please she should have a better quality of life now, despite the loss, and please that events have forced my wife to rethink her refusal to allow surgery for fear of the possible impact on an old dog.



What do you feed dogs once they’ve had that many teeth out, I guess dry stuff would be quite painful on the gums?


Wet food for the first few days.
Or I plan to use the same small royal canin dry stuff but soak it first.

If she could eat it after a short soak before, given the pain and discomfort, she should be fine now! It goes a bit like cereal in milk after a dunk.