Fuck smiling. Do you know what that Vet did to me today???


Lovely dog.

Is the carpet making him unwell ? If I squint and stare I can make out a bus. :slight_smile:


LOL! The carpet came with the house and will leave this weekend.

I am finally healthy enough to sand many square feet of untouched oak floorboards. I expect to spend 4 days just doing the hall, living room and dining room. I was going to not be arsed but Jackie says it must be done because Christmas reasons. As I have no wish to be next for the chop and collar I will wag my tail and obey.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you to fuck off! Sorry about that. Off is the favoured direction in which you should fuck.


If you’re sanding the floors make sure you take as many precautions against dust you can. Especially dust masks.

Glad youre on the up squire.


Ruby excelled herself in the pub this evening. There were 7 other dogs in the dog room and she managed to pick fights with 5 of them.

She managed to frighten a Patterdale/JR cross into shitting and pissing itself all over the floor, fuck knows what her owner is feeding her, but her shite had the most rancid stench I’ve ever smelt.

This led to 2 other dogs pissing in sympathy, and then, after we had cleared up the mess (I joined in out of shame) I went to the loo, and Ruby stole my pint… She deliberately knocked it over and licked it all up.

So she got pissed, extremely quickly…she started to shake her head violently whilst simultaneously producing rabid levels of frothy saliva which went all over the fucking place.

Bastard dogs.


Lovely looking JR. What did the vet do?


I reckon it sliced the JRs bollocks off.


Sounds like model members of AA to me.


Ziggy is a bitzer with a hefty JRT quotient. After yesterday he no longer has a rocket in his pocket, to use a euphemism.


When our grumpy JR Zero had his little furry nads snipped many years back, it sadly did little to diminish his fizz and wilful extremes!

The passage of time however now he is 14 has reduced his energy levels so that his behaviour is more curmudgeonly than out and out bonkers.


Puppers are growing fast:


Just spotted this thread as it’s relevant to me now!

Glad to hear your two pups are okay.

Here’s our new family addition Rosie (3/4 Bedlington x 1/4 whipet)


Surely your maths is better than that, as 3/4 adding 1/3 is 13/12 :smile:


This does sound like the perfect evening out. You must let me know which pub this happened at. :+1:


You pissed on the floor as well? :smile:


DOH! Fixed now :blush:


Ziggy’s partner in crime is bonkers. He is quite placid already and seems determined to eat anything/everything in sight. Pixie, on the other hand, is a bit aggressive at times so we hope that her upcoming visit to the Vet will deal with some of the less pleasant behaviour, although a firm ‘No’ and the odd squirt with a water pistol when things really get going are starting to have a positive effect. I’m pretty sure their previous owner made no attempt to instill a bit of discipline. They’ll be happier when we demonstrate that they are not running the pack to them…




Mind you, it’s a Boxer, so it’s too stupid to know any different.

I love Boxers, they give me a sense of intellectual superiority.


The doggo sans belm helmet and bollocks. Note also the absence of ugly carpet. Sanding all done, major stench of white spirit here after wiping down the boards. I’ll put on the first coat of finish last thing tonight. Nearly done, but not looking forward to painting the skirting boards :persevere: