Can’t even have a biscuit in peace with Patch about.


You couldn’t resist those eyes could you, we all know Patch got a biscuit, maybe two :smiley:


Still want one of these again.


She’s a fine looking woman but, truth be told, the dog’s no Randy Crawford.


Mi-mi looking sceptical about the direction of the latest Goat album.


Too many flutes, not enough dog whistles??


I think she prefers Lyn Collins and Betty Davis.


It’s the backwards curl that does the scooping up. Short slo-mo gif.


Rosie saying “Good morning”.


Mi-mi trying to stare me into giving her a bacon treat!


What a cute woof.




Chillin’ too…


Our next door neighbours had a Gordon, what a lovely dog he was, no sense, full of puppiness and a complete failure of brakes when he came to greet you. Loved him to bits and he wasn’t even ours.


Sounds about right. Big daft bundle of love. Taking her to the pub for lunch in a bit, where she will manage to scrounge half my chips…


Luka, imagining that he is a lapdog.


Bloody hell, he’s put some weight on.


Luka’s looking well though.



My brother only left Walter, 15 months old, alone for 5 minutes!


Great name for him. :slight_smile:

Breagha 18 months and counting. She sits on the fireplace until she nearly starts smoking and then moves to the coldest place possible…after 5mins she is back on the fireplace :slight_smile: .


I was surprised to read that the Labrador is about to be overtaken in popularity terms by the French Bulldog. Surprised because I hardly ever see one & surprised because they look like fugly little critters.