Women seem to like french bulldogs, but agree they are ugly little fuckers (the bulldogs)



Brilliant effort that though :joy:


Yep, the look on his face - pure guilt! :laughing:


Look of shame on that dog’s face is just priceless :grinning:


A brief gallimaufry of performers pets.


My ball is bigger than yours!




Patch,the tightrope sleeping dog.


She has definitely done something…I’m just not sure what. :slight_smile:


Yep guilty as charged! LOL!


Something of a sex fiend too since losing his cherry to Pete’s leg.

He’ll wear that cushion out. :open_mouth:


Our good pouffe !! No wonder she was looking guilty.

Any more of this and she will be subjected to my Curved Air cd.


.[quote=“pmac, post:126, topic:210”]
My ball is bigger than yours!

Doggo heaven!


Hattie looking sad for herself down at the vets. Cut to the foreleg needing some stitches.


She’s got bloody big feet!


Is that a pointer?

Mine lays flat on her back with her legs spread as well.


Nah. A yampy chocolate Lab.
I think yours might have pipped it in the style marks with those parralel parked front paws.


Can’t get a decent photo of Barnaby yet. He’s supposed to be a flat coated retriever, he’s more like a whippet on steroids. Garden redesign and interior decoration are his specialities at the moment, house trained, comes when called, 12 weeks old and a little over 2 stone in weight. I can see puppy training ( borstal ) on the horizon, very biddable and trains quite easily, unfortunately he learns quickly as well and it’s usually self taught mischief, sulks when denied his pleasures. Twice a day 15 minute walks only seem to stimulate him more and he’s not even reached his teenage years yet, forget puppy training he’s off to bootcamp, as yet haven’t been tempted to introduce him to a Timpsons enema, but the times approaching. I still forgive him almost anything though.


Donna wifey has just rung me at work to tell me Rosie has run off (out the house door) never to be seen again…

I just get clearance to leave work to go hunting, and get a phone call to say she’s just come back all pleased with herself after her little adventure, argh!!!

Me and disappearing dog on Saturday walkies.


Glad she returned home ok, I bet she’s all waggy and pleased with herself after her adventure.