He hasn’t done anything yet.


I like to see Robert Wagner and highway manage a prem team



Now official.


This is great news. The traditional new year meltdown & subsequent ranting by entitled gooners (& Piers Morgan) is one of the highlights of the season. How we love to see the aeroplanes drawing their brightly coloured banners through the clear blue skies of February. Marvellous!


Agreed. With all the crazy political events lately it’s nice to have a tradition that will be unaffected.


This is worth it just to see Piers Morgan’s head explode, Scanners style.


I thought it was a perma-ban for mentioning that fucknugget outside of the CP thread (unless in an RIP thread).


excellent news for the rest of the prem



Ah well. That’s another manager not joining the Palace :open_mouth:


Just come back from a nice lunch, to imminent indigestion… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Strong and stable for 2 more years.


There’s going to be riots next season, unless he does something exceptional!


Have you seen the players Man City have lined up?


City are going to spend £300M net.


They are after Sanchez and Mendy. Sterling could go.
Also on the radar are Bonnuci, Van Dyke and Walker.


Who could possibly have the required football expertise to proclaim he was utter gash from the moment he made his senior debut.:thinking:


With Pep in charge and an academy that’s supposedly the envy of all other clubs I’m surprised they’re still having to buy success. I’d have expected to see wave after wave of home grown talent coming through by now…

OK they produced Micah Richards but I’m sure there’ll be more one day.


It’s pretty tragic that Spurs look like losing most of their squad to the Manc scum.
At least Liverpool only raid mid-table south coast teams.